Museveni: Ugandans Need Economic Reawakening


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He said that generating income and saving it for re-investment generates income for future generations and appealed to the population to produce for the market but also save what they earn than wasting it in unnecessary luxuries and urged the youth to lead in this.

“Do save for the future, I did this myself, I bought this Rwakitura farm when I was 21 years old and it has made me rich,” he said.

“I don’t get anything from government, they even attempted to increase my salary and I refused because as longer there is peace in the country I have to get rich,” he added.

Mr. Museveni who also laid a foundation stone for the construction of Lwengo district local government administration wondered why the population wastes it’s time on politicking other than planning for wealth creation and noted that even if the government was to provide all the development infrastructures and the population had no source of income the country would not develop and transform.

Mr. Museveni urged the citizens to engage in modern agriculture that is both commercial and profit oriented. He noted that the government was not shot of funds to invest in the agricultural sector but castigated the corrupt National Agricultural Advisory Services officials for the abuse of funds meant for the agricultural sector.

“Money is not a problem and will not be a problem, the problem has been lack of economic awakening by the population and the misuse of funds by the NAADS officials,” he said.

The President commended the positive economic attitude exhibited by the leadership and people of Lwengo district and expressed his government commitment to support their development programs aimed at the socio-economic empowerment of the population in the district.

Lwengo district LC 5 chairman Mr. Pius Mutabazi commended the President for the positive government programs such as the micro-credit scheme, the youth fund and for construction of the state of art technical institutions in the district.

Lwengo district business council officials said that though the district is on the right track to economic progress and transformation, it has some challenges such as a poor saving culture, poor record keeping by the population and lack of market control and regulations and a non-developmental attitude that make the population that expect the government to do everything for them.


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