2016 UCE Results Reveal Decline in Overall Performance

There has been a ‘slight’ decline in performance in the 2016 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations compared to the previous year, website according to examinations body UNEB.

The 2016 UCE results released on Tuesday indicate that fewer candidates registered Division 1, viagra 60mg 2 and 3 in 2016 compared to those registered in 2015.

UNEB attributes the decline to the bad performance in key subjects like English, viagra 40mg Mathematics and Sciences.

In 2016, a total of 323,276 candidates registered for the UCE exams and of these 50.9% were male while 49.1% were female. However, 6,652 of these did not finally sit for the examinations which has raised worry within UNEB and the Ministry of Education.

A total of 23,488 candidates (7.5%) got a Division 1, 44,307 (14.1%) acquired a Division 2 while 63,072 (20.1%) got Division 3. 13.2% of those who sat UCE examinations failed. In 2015, 8.5% of those who sat UCE examinations got D1, 16% for D2, 23% got D3 and only 9.7% failed.

As has been the case in the previous years, performance within Universal Secondary Education (USE) schools was poor in 2016 compared to the non-USE schools. 2.9% of candidates in USE got Division 1 compared to 11.8% in non-USE schools.

Those who failed (in USE) constituted 16.6% compared to only 9.9% non-USE candidates who failed.

Boys continue to perform better in all the subjects except English and Christian Religious Education. In general performance, more boys (4.6%) got a Distinction 1  as opposed to girls (2.9%).

CRE, Geography, Maths, Agriculture and Art registered improvement at Distinction grades but percentage pass levels for all science subjects remains low.

Atleast 366 candidates under the Special Needs Education including the blind, deaf, the dyslexics, physically handicapped sat for the examinations.

Speaking shortly after she officially released the results, Education Minister and first lady Janet Museveni said “the decline in performance is regrettable”.

She largely blamed it on the teachers who are occupied with giving students mock exams at the expense of actual teaching.

“I totally oppose mock tests which not only are a financial burden to parents but have also deprived students of the time to learn. More hours should be put to teaching so as to prepare the candidates,” the First Lady said.

She expresses concern over the high number of students who register but not sit for examinations saying the Ministry will probe the issue to establish the cause.

In its assessment, UNEB cites the deficiency of English language as a serious impediment to candidates’ interpretation of questions. It further observes that inefficient practical knowledge in science subjects also remains evident.

While UNEB Chairperson Prof. Mary Okwakol said the 2016 UCE examinations were conducted in a smooth manner, results of up to 1,893 candidates from 86 centres have been withheld by UNEB due to fraud related cases.

The selection process for Senior Five students will take place on February 9 and 10 at the UMA hall in Kampala.


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