2016 South Sudan Cup Finalists Attacked by Gunmen

Photo: Young Stars Torrit FC lost the finals of South Sudan cup to El Salam Wau

Barely four days after a gunman went foolhardy and opened fire to a group of football fans in Juba South Sudan, dosage more sad news coming in confirm that a football team was attacked on Tuesday night.

Young Stars Torit were travelling back home. The team had earlier suffered a 3-0 loss to El- Salam Wau in the South Sudan cup on Sunday at the Juba stadium.

South Sudan football association president Chabur Goc Alei confirmed the news.

“It happens to be often sad news here in South Sudan, try ” Chabur narrates, “after last weekend incident in Gure area, yesterday evening the runner up of 2016 South Sudan cup were attacked by an unknown gunman.”

According to Chabur, several people on the convoy were severely injured and nursing bullet wounds while the driver of the bus was died on the spot.

The attack happened on their way back to Torit along the Juba-Rorit road. The driver was killed and four other people were injured including the chairman of Torit local football association.

Saturday attack Close to a dozen people were reported dead after a gunman attacked a group of fans who had gathered to watch a premier league match between Chelsea and Everton on Saturday at Gure, a suburb located south-west of Juba town.

“Let’s wish them quick recovery and for the driver may his soul rest in peace and Mercy,” Chabur added.


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