2016 Corporate Woodball Season Ready to Roll


Works and Transport Minister, cialis 40mg Eng John Byabagambi has asked Ugandan voters to shun independent political candidates most especially those that split from the ruling National Resistance Movement party.

The incumbent Ibanda South Member of Parliament, this asked voters to elect only NRM candidates who he said stand a better chance of delivering services to their constituencies.

Eng Byabagambi made the call yesterday during the launch of the NRM campaign in Buteraniro, Ndeija Sub County in Rwampara, Mbarara district.

He stressed at the function that the NRM Members of Parliament have an advantage of using the party caucus “to get things done much faster.”

Independent candidates and the opposition on the other hand he said, have to rely entirely on the parliamentary vote.

The independents according to the Minister are not under pressure to deliver because they don’t account to any political party.

“In the last five years, I have not seen any leader from Rwampara coming to my office demanding for a road,” he said.

“The last person I remember was Charles Ngabirano who at that time was MP in the 2006–2011 Parliament.”

Ngabirano is now the area parliamentary candidate on the NRM ticket, facing the incumbent Hon Vincent Kyamadidi who is independent.

The Minister went ahead to caution independent candidates against using NRM material such as T shirts as well as signs and symbols during their campaigns.

Meanwhile the Works Minister at the event hailed the Milton Obote government which constructed up to 1100km of roads in the country, compared to Iddi Amin “who managed to up a singular 8km road from Kampala to Gaba.”

He went on to contrast the two regimes with the current NRM government which has managed to put up more than 1400 kilometers of tarmac roads.

While campaigning in the area, President Yoweri Museveni promised to tarmac the two main roads in the area with one connecting to Kikagati Isingiro which is about to commence.
The 2016 woodball season begins this weekend with the first corporate circuit taking place at MUBS – Nakawa starting from 1pm.

The  number of teams and individuals has increased in this year’s competition following the registration of three other teams that include UNEB Woodball Team, erectile Buganda Land Board, sildenafil and
Zoe Woodball Club.

Aside from the three new ones, shop the other confirmed teams for the event include St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Kisubi, Coral Coatings Ltd, Botladz Woodball Club, Bank of Uganda, Stroke Woodball Club, CPA Uganda, Ndejje Corporate Club, Reigner’s Woodball Club and USPA Woodball Club. Woodball federation’s Executive members are also expected to compete.

The biggest challenge this season is anticipated to involve St. Joseph’s Technical duo Raymond Semata and Godfrey Bukenya, William Osire (Bank of Uganda),  Eric Lukooya, Timothy Mulwana (both from Stroke Woodball Club).

Raymond Semata and Rose Matovu are the reigning champions in the men and women’s categories respectively.

Rose Matovu Rose is coming in as a favorite even though she is expected to face tough opposition from Jessica Nabbona  and Alexandria Namayo of Stroke Woodball Club and Botladz Woodball Club.


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