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2 Thieves Set Ablaze at Funeral

Moses Tushabe was seT on fire by the locals

Angry residents in Ndeija, visit Rwampara yesterday set ablaze two suspected thieves during a burial ceremony of one of the locals.

The incident happened in Kijojo Village, capsule Bujaga parish during the burial of one of the village elders.

During the collection of the contributions for the believed family, treatment a group of five people disguised themselves amongst those collecting the money and afterwards tried to run away with it.

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George Muhangi who survived being lynched

George Muhangi who survived being lynched

The locals managed to intercept and arrest all five. Two of them who tried to escape however, were beaten up and set ablaze.

Police rushed to the scene and rescued one of them, while the other was already charred.

Rtd. Lt Frank Mugimbo, a resident in the area said the group had done the same thing during the burial of another resident the previous week.

OC Ndeija Vicent Kandole

OC Ndeija Vicent Kandole

The deceased was identified as Moses Tushabe  and the survivor as George Muhangi, both residents of Kamukuzi division in Mbarara municipality.

The group had collected over 1million Shillings from the residents on the burial.

The OC station Ndeija police post AIP Vicent Kandale said the group was moving on motorcycle Number UEG 799K and it was impounded to help in investigations.  George Muhangi is nursing severe injuries at Mbarara Hospital, from where he will be charges with theft.


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