2 Bombs Recovered from Echuya Forest Reserve 


Tension and fear is high in the new created Rubanda District after two bombs were recovered from Echuya Forest Reserve.

Echuya forest reserve borders Rubanda and Kisoro Districts and Rwanda.

According to reports, ambulance an 82mm mortar bomb and a hand grenade were recovered from the forest on Tuesday evening by Medard Kamuhanda, abortion a resident of Mushongati cell in Kashasha parish Bufundi Sub County, approved Rubanda District.

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Lauben Kabahoze, the Gomborola Internal Security Officer for Bufundi Sub County says that Kamuhanda recovered the bombs while in the forest to get manure for his crops.

Kabahoze says he became terrified when Kamuhanda alerted him while carrying the bombs. The explosives were rushed to Bufundi Police post before security officials at the district were alerted.

Tai Ramadhan, the Rubanda District Police Commander says that he immediately alerted the office of Counter Terrorism Police in Kampala for help who intervened and the devices were detonated on Wednesday at Bufundi Sub County headquarters.

Ramadhan says that the bombs were most likely left in the forest in 1994 Rwandan Genocide war and that police will sit to see how searching for more ammunition in the forest reverse can be handled; warning   the public against tampering with such ammunitions when found. He condemned Kamuhanda’s decision to carry the bombs with his bare hands.

Kenneth Joogo Biryabarema, the Rubanda District Chairperson says that there is a great need for security officials to make a thorough search for ammunition in the forest.

In 2008 two light machine guns (LMG) were recovered from the forest by locals and were handed over to security officials.


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