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Kampala CID Officers In Trouble Over Stolen Exhibits

visit this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Police Criminal Investigation Department recently dispatched a team of researchers around the KMP region to do an on-spot survey of the general operations of CIDs in the region.

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store geneva; color: #222222;”>The team complied and came up with some dreadful findings about the manner in which exhibits are being mismanaged.

It emerged in the team’s subsequent report that there are mounting cases of exhibits disappearing from police stores, and that most of the exhibits are not labelled or tagged.

While meeting the region’s CID Officers in Kampala this morning, Kampala Metropolitan Region Police Commander, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, described the development as a ‘huge professional gap in the force.’

Kaweesi vowed to “hammer those officers responsible for the mess on the head,” noting that such incompetence and indiscipline would not be tolerated.

He accused the CIDs of turning exhibit stores into personal stores where they can enter and pick anything they want at anytime.

“There is also a case of one Officer in charge of an exhibit store who apparently left for a training course with the store keys, implying that none of the affected suspects made it to court that week!” Kaweesi angrily said.

The commander was also perturbed by the soaring cases of exhibits, especially motor vehicles being stolen from police stations, or vandalised in the presence of policemen.

He noted that in most cases, the vehicles are dismembered and parts sold to mechanics and yet when owners make complaints, they are silenced by intimidation.

Reemphasising utmost respect for people’s exhibits, Kaweesi effectively banned the habit of police officers taking naps and shelter in vehicles parked at police stations.

He warned that those caught would be punished.

CID officers under whose charge, Exhibits would be found mismanaged, Kaweesi clarified, would have to bear the costs or be charged criminally.

He also asked owners who find parts of their vehicles missing to report directly to his office before taking the cars away.

“You have to know that Kampala Metropolitan is the heart of the country, and you are the people that paint the picture of the rest of the Uganda Police force.”


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