Busoga Smiles As Medicine to Cure Jiggers Pops Up


website like this sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The aim of the visit was to understand the operations of the National Medical Stores in relation to drug supply, cialis 40mg stock, vision and mission of the organization, according to her social media message.

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It was also intended to introduce to the Minister, jigger treatment that was tested in the affected areas including; Iganga, Moroto and Kamuli.

The Minister was also informed that this treatment heals jiggers within seven days and produced positive results in the said districts of Iganga, Moroto and Kamuli.

“All the above was intended to update the Minister to strengthen her role of information dissemination on government programmes.

A jigger pandemic not long ago broke out in Busoga region putting the county on tenterhooks.

The outbreak was blamed on many factors including; poverty, poor self hygiene, neglect by family and government as well as carelessness on individual level.

Others claimed they were a curse from the Almighty and took the gospel to Busoga but not much was achieved.

A campaign to kick jiggers out of Busoga was also launched and funded but to no avail.

Now that the medicine which cures them in seven days has been found, Busoga has a reason to smile.


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