Mulago Makes Progress In Cancer Fight


more about sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Uganda has had a long history of research on cancer one of which even viagra order sans-serif; color: #222222;”>led to the discovery of Burkitts, Lympoma and Ebstein Barr Viruses at Mulago in 1958 and 1964, respectively.

A ground breaking research conducted at Mulago Cancer Institute also discovered that cancer can be treated by drugs breaking the belief that cancer can only be treated by surgery and radiotherapy.

The treatment of Ebstein Barr Virus cancer led to the establishment of Uganda Cancer Institute in 1967 as an international cancer for research on initially Burkitts Lymhoma and later collaborating with the United States of America through the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

It is against this background that the Cabinet decided to approve the two principles of the cancer Institute Bill 2104.

The institute will have an executive management committee headed by the executive Director and deputised by the deputy Executive director.

The institute will also have a board, according to the new development.

The minister of Heath will appoint the Board and its role will be to manage on behalf of the institute all assets and properties movable and immovable, signify the acts of the institute by use of the official seal.

Also employees will be recruited on the advice of the Health Service Commission considered necessary for the performance of institute.

More so, the principles were approved in order to; establish the Uganda cancer Institute as a National centre of excellence of international standard offering comprehensive cancer services, reduce referrals abroad and establish Uganda cancer institute as an autonomous body by an act of Parliament mandated to undertake and coordinate cancer treatment and prevention in the country.


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