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Police Dismisses Tanzanian Pirates Attack Scare


website like this sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a statement issued by the police Deputy Public Relations officer, viagra sale Polly Namaye, has assured the general public and the fishing community that there are no security threats on the island as it has been reported.

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“In liaison with the office of the DPC Kalangala, this is to categorically state that there is no insecurity in Kalangala as a district or on the islands; the two cases of murder reported at police since January 2014 according to investigations are a result of domestic violence and the culprits were arrested and charged to court,” noted Namaye.

Namaye said on April 21, 2014, the Daily Monitor under the headline “Fishermen appeal for tight security on lake” and the New Vision under the headline “Tanzanian pirates terrorise Kalangala” released information that Tanzanian pirates were attacking Ugandan fishermen on the islands which is not factual.

“Some of the information in the Daily Monitor stated that over 13 fishermen had lost their lives and 97 boats stolen over the last few months. New Vision also states that 543 auto boat engines were stolen and 45 lives lost.”

Other reports showed that about 50 men from Tanzania strike the island in the night to steal boats while the DPC Kalangala had confirmed this information which was not the case.

Since the fuel allocation to the DPC’s office is done monthly.

“This therefore is to assure the general public and the fishing community that there is no cause for alarm as wrongly reported by reporters Mubiru Denis of the New Vision and Lubulwa Henry of the Daily Monitor.”

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