South Sudan

SPLA, JEM Generals Fall In Jonglei, Unity


approved sans-serif; background-color: white;”>According to ground sources, viagra dosage SPLA captured Ayod County, link an administrative area in Jonglei state, South Sudan, with headquarters in Ayod, two days back.

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In Unity State, a rebel 3rd Taskforce under direct command of Col Keerdol Thong and 4th Division’s HQs elite unit under overall command of Military Governor of Unity State, Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol, “inflicted huge losses on JEM fighters in a three hour battle fought at Manga village between Pareng County and Unity junction”.

According to the rebel military spokesperson, Brig Gen Lul Koang, 69 JEM fighters were killed in action among them; Maj. Gen. Abderahaman Juma, JEM’s Operations Commander in Unity State and Brig. Gen. Ahmed Abukalam.

“One Intelligence operative was captured, 4 Toyota land cruisers mounted with machine guns were destroyed, 14 Toyota Land cruisers mounted with different types of artillery pieces and air defence machine guns were captured in good condition, including: Zu 23 1pc, 12.7 8 pcs, 82MM Recoiles 1p, GP with 6 barrels multi-rocket launcher, BM 107 1P and 106 Anti-tank 1p.”

Gen Koang further says that all the vehicles captured are painted in Justice and Equality Movement colours and clearly written JEM.

“JEM ruminants fled in disarray and are being pursued by our forces towards Pareng County.”

SPLA is yet to comment on the death of their 2nd lieutenant who fell in Ayod.


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