Opposition Wants ID Registration Suspended


order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Party presidents Norbert Mao, purchase Gen Mugisha Muntu, Olara Otunnu, and former FDC President, Dr Kiiza Besigye, called a press conference at Parliament on Thursday and pointed out the exercise lacked a legal and policy framework, was marred with a number flaws, all reason enough for it to be called off.

“How can a project of such national importance proceed without being anchored in a fully debated and settled policy framework?” wondered UPC’s Otunnu.

“The ID project is floating in a policy vacuum.”

They further pointed out a lack of laws mandating and regulating issuance of national IDS, yet in all the East African states, laws were first enacted for undertaking similar projects.

The project which has been in offing since 2005, suffered a number of setbacks as it emerged via parliament and IGG investigations that it was riddled with irregularities.

The probe also found that the process was characterised by patronage and infighting by public servants who had vested interests in its outcomes.

It was later taken over by the National Army in February 2013, before the then Army Commander General Aronda Nyakairima was appointed Minister of Internal Affairs to oversee it in May.

The opposition members also asserted in their statement, that the project fuses ID registration with Voters Registration ‘with the obvious eye for 2016.’

“This is illegal and highly suspect. Under the law, only the Electoral Commission is mandated to conduct an independent process of compiling the register of voters.”

“Display of date that will be extracted by the EC cannot cure the serious flaws arising from the compromised ID process.”

“We therefore cannot allow that the heavily flawed national ID Process should in effect become a substitute for a proper register for voters,” they added.

At the conference, Col Besigye decried the militarisation of the ID project, noting that that this would greatly compromise its credibility.

He added that project chief coordinator, Gen Aronda Nyakairima’s appointment itself was questionable.

Over the last two weeks the exercise has been ongoing, reports have come out about a number of gaps and inadequacies including technical and operational hitches.


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