UPC: Return of Buganda Assets “Mere” Politics

dosage information pills http://chaudharylaw.com/wp-admin/includes/media.php sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Bosa cautioned all Ugandans to note that the return of the land titles was too casual and just aimed at fulfilling President Museveni’s political agenda.

“The return of the land titles to Buganda Kingdom does not answer the key issues in the country which range from poor health services, education and unemployment,” said Bosa while addressing a weekly press conference at the party’s headquarters at Uganda House.

Bosa noted that the collapse of public education and healthcare services; deep inequalities between and among social groups; corruption, nepotism and discrimination in the distribution of opportunities and resources, explains the need to settle all the issues affecting the country wholesomely.

“Without nationally planned and budgeted, and equitable delivery of services, our nationhood is undermined and the fit between the state and the people broken.”

On the same note, the party’s spokesperson, Okello Lucima, has remarked that all Ugandans should know that UPC has never abolished any kingdom in Uganda but rather abolished kingdom governments which had turned partisan.

“We should however note that there has never been any restoration of kingdom governments as they existed by the 1962 constitution as it is claimed by the current ruling government,” Lucima said.


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