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Besigye: Museveni Must be Impeached


stuff geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The former presidential candidate made the remarks on Monday while addressing journalists at his home in Kasangati, what is ed Wakiso District.

Besigye rubbished Museveni’s recent remarks while touring Kampala city that Besigye and Lukwago are “murderers,” saying the head-of-state is very “disrespectful.”

“If we are murderers, why doesn’t he bring evidence against us to be dragged to court for all those acts? In fact it’s him who is responsible for failing to remove us from the public .Why do you leave murderers for the people to be butchered? Museveni is guilty and should be held accountable for not protecting people from us the murderers,” Besigye explained.

He noted that for three years, government has tried to implicate him in many offences “but I have never defended myself on any of the charges. Rather, it is the government which keeps dropping the charges. This proves my innocence.”

He added: “I have never held any weapon, be it a club, stick or stone to kill and destroy people’s property as he (Museveni) alleges but it’s rather the NRM police headed by Kayihura (IGP) who goes on destroying businesses in order to frustrate the people. In any case in many of these times I have been found in my car reading newspapers and arrested without any weapon.”

Police and supporters of the opposition firebrand have in recent years clashed during political protests which authorities say are unlawful.

While authorities claim Besigye’s political activities destabilise Kampala city, the opposition figure maintains political rallies usually turn rowdy when police fire teargas to disperse crowds.

Besigye on the offensive

In an angry tone, Besigye was today explicit as he lashed at government officials.

“In fact there is no difference between Kayihura and Nadduli (former Luweero district LC5 chairman). They are both NRM cadres.”

Besigye observed the disparaging remarks by President Museveni tantamount to “hate speech intended to incite people against me. This is not right for the head of state to call on people to kill others.”

“Museveni said that if Kampala was his kraal, he would have picked up a spear and killed me for getting near his cows. This simply means that Ugandans ought to have taken a similar way. This should be brought to the attention of Parliament that the main duty of Museveni as President is to break the law and violate the constitution,” he added.

The former FDC President further lashed at Museveni for disrespecting the people of Kampala who voted for their own leaders including the Lord Mayor.

“Museveni should stop abusing voters for choosing opposition leaders and leaving out those from the ruling party,” said the FDC official.

Besigye said Museveni described Lukwago’s voters as foolish people who chose a blocked pipe.

“This was a grave offence which he committed and in fact he should be impeached. Leaders are not voted to serve the public. They therefore have to serve the people diligently. Museveni should be told that Kampala contributes 70 percent of the country’s total revenue in form of taxes and he should have respect for the people.”

Political pundits say this is Besigye’s most hard-hitting attack on Museveni in recent years.

The politician said the President feels envious simply because “he has never won me in the city and is now subverting the power of the people of Kampala.”

City projects

On city developments, Besigye explained that there is nothing to rejoice about since Museveni never wanted to give money to KCCA Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi’s predecessors.

“People should not be duped by these few developments. The same government denied resources to the City council all the years until he (Museveni) took over power of running Kampala. The annual budget for the body was Shs 45bn but in the first year of Jennifer Musisi, they injected Shs145bn.”

He, however, noted that the KCCA Executive director is a good and hardworking official who is “working under a bad government.”

Besigye added: “I would myself hire Musisi (KCCA ED) because she is hardworking but the problem is that she is in a den of thieves and I am sure this will catch up with her and those in government will deny her when she gets to prison over the same issues.”

Some of the city developments that have been set up over the past three years include the installation of 3,449 street lights; launch of the Kampala City Festival which created over 10,000 temporary jobs and business for companies that participated; reconstruction of the New Taxi Park; construction of the 5-storied Wandegeya Market and construction of Kisenyi and Naguru Health Centres.

KCCA officials estimate that over 227 temporary jobs have been created through landscaping and beautification projects around Kampala City.

7 roads have been constructed and upgraded with drainage, walk ways and street lighting.


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