Besigye: National ID Registration Exercise Is Illegal


here geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Besigye was responding to a question on whether he has already registered for the nation identity card, advice an exercise that started last week.

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He said that the registration is unlawful adding, that there is no law or act of Parliament which is in place to explain on how the exercise should be conducted.

“Parliament should have made a law or an act to elaborate on how the exercise would be conducted so as to ensure efficiency and prevent other wrong intruders who would want to register themselves as Ugandans for other motives,” he pointed out.

“We must fight hard to ensure that the process is lawfully streamlined to ensure that the taxpayer’s money is not wasted,” Besigye said.

He also attributed the current setbacks facing the exercise including inadequate machines and late delivery, to lack of laws that would guide them on how to conduct the exercise.

Despite the President Yoweri Museveni’s assertion that NRM is not interested in benefiting from electoral malpractices, Besigye said that unless the there is a law that explains the registration exercise; Ugandans will continue to suspect its motives.

“We will come out with a clear statement on the national identity card registration next week.”

The national identity card registration exercise that started last Monday has faced a number of challenges countrywide including; late deliveries of machines, theft of equipment and lack of birth certificates among many Ugandans.

According to the Kabale district returning officer, Adams Juma, late delivery of registration materials and machines to the registration centres is currently a major problem to the district.


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