Piles of Corruption Cases At PAC Overwhelm Alaso

cure sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The current trend, the FDC Secretary General warned, only signals that Uganda is fighting a losing battle against corruption.

“Since I joined PAC, I am beginning to feel stigmatised because everywhere I go, it appears all that is associated with me is the theft that is going on in the country,” she said.

“The haemorrhage of government resources is so systematic, so well crafted; we certainly would have gone a long way as a country, but the amount of money we are losing to thieves is simply overwhelming.”

Alaso was on Wednesday speaking at a public dialogue organised at Makerere University on Economic transformation of African countries.

She pointed out the manifest lack of political will by leaders in government to fight corruption as central to the national predicament.

Alaso, earlier this year, reluctantly took up the oversight committee job in which she was appointed by FDC President, Gen Mugisha Muntu, to replace Terego county MP, Hon Kassiano Wadri, and PAC chair.

She was quoted as saying, she wouldn’t accept the post because she lacked the requisite experience in finance, accounts and auditing.

She was later convinced by party leaders to take up the mantle, promising to back her up with professional accountants to help her.

At the dialogue, Alaso said as long as government leadership remained uncommitted to stem corruption, the ordinary Uganda would remain underdeveloped despite good World Bank figures of steady economic growth.

She added that most of the purported measures to put in place to fight corruption are defunct.

“What you see today as these deliberate interventions by government to fight corruption are merely a smokescreen meant to appease foreign donors,” she noted.

“All these institutions, the IGG, Judiciary, police and even our Parliament, are dead. President Museveni is the only remaining institution that functions and has ably subdued all the other institutions.”

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