Zari Saga: Sempala Told Not to be Intimidated by Ivan


visit web http://conversionxl.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.frame-nonce-preview.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Ivan had promised to arrive in Kampala on Thursday before describing Sempala as “a rat” which plays on the table when the “cat” is away.

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ailment geneva; font-size: small;”>The South African businessman implied he is the rightful husband of Zari and that Sempala is just exploiting the former’s absence to reap from a garden where never sowed a seed.

To pile more misery on Ivan, Zari on Friday morning shared her romantic feelings for Sempala.

She posted on Sempala’s wall: “The greatest feeling in the world: To wake up and see you have a text from the one you love. Good morning.”

She added: “Every girl deserves a guy who can make her forget that her heart was ever broken.”

While Ivan is said to have hired muscular men to bring Sempala to order during the Easter season, entertainment enthusiasts have thrown their weight behind Zari’s boyfriend, saying he cannot afford to succumb to threats.

Nita Grace charged: “I am happy people like Pharouque exist to shape people like Ivan because most men are undisciplined and don’t know how to handle women.”

The pair intends to legalise its relationship

Kitufu Mutufu observed: “We both know Pharouque is tall, whereas Ivan is short. I don’t think Pharouque would hide from Ivan. If Ivan got into a one on one fight, Pharouque would win.”

In response to threats, Sempala told his fans: “With age comes experience…I have learnt to handle situations differently.”

Sempala working out his body to remain fit amid threats from Ivan

He added: “There’s totally nothing to celebrate about me. I am still I…the only difference is I love an intelligent, beautiful, sexy hardworking mum (Zari).”

However, fans cautioned Sempala to go slow since Zari abandoned Isaac Lugudde to return to Ivan’s arms.

Zari having a good time with Lugudde before splitting

Ivan and Zari’s marriage broke down a couple of months ago over counter accusations of infidelity and domestic violence.


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