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How Namubiru Nearly Infected Baby With HIV


viagra geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In her testimony, approved Rosemary Namubiru, search told court that prior to the fateful day, early this year, she was a senior nurse with an experience of more than 30 years.

She had a nursing certificate from the Kenyan Nursing Council where she worked for several years in charge of children stressing, that she had all the required skills in child handling.

The mother of one, who started working at Victoria Medical Centre in Kampala in February 2010, explained that on the fateful day, she picked a file at random and prepared herself with all the necessary instruments including gloves, canulars and set off to treat a baby.

“I told the mother to hold the fore arm as I tried to look for a vein where I could pierce and put the canular but the baby who looked quite sick tried to fight in fear of the injection,” she explained.

Namubiru added:”I accidentally pricked my index finger and I immediately put down everything I was holding to attend to myself. Blood was oozing out of the finger and I wiped it out before putting a canular into the baby.”

Asked whether she used the same canular that she had used on herself to put into the baby, Namubiru told court that she was not sure on that adding, that she might have picked another canular or not.

The nurse added that she was aware of the safety measures of putting on gloves and that it was inevitable not to put on gloves because she was alone and could not handle the pieces of plaster with gloves on.

She further accepted that she knew exposure of the child to HIV as one of the dangers of sharing a canular adding, that she didn’t intend to do it but was rather accidental.

“I knew of the dangers of sharing a canular and indeed its not advisable to share sharp objects. That is why I was shocked when the mother told me I had used the same canular. I must say it was accidental and I never intended to do it because I had no grudge against either the mother or the baby.”

Following events

Namubiru explained that it was then coming to 2:00pm and another nurse came in so that she (Namubiru) could also go for.

“I advised her to use another baby’s hand to complete the dose because the earlier one hand started swelling due to the injection that had pierced the vein and reached a tissue. I then proceeded for lunch,” she explained.

However, Namubiru explained that on return from lunch, she was summoned by the nurse in charge of other nurses following a complaint from a client.

“I had no idea about it. I followed her and found the mother and her child who demanded to know my HIV status,” Namubiru explained.

She continued:”I was besieged. I was told to fill a request form for my HIV status before I was led to the laboratory and the results indicated that I was positive.”

The nurse revealed that prior to this day, she was aware of her HIV status but stressed that no one else at the clinic knew about it.

Namubiru continued that at the time, many relatives of the baby’s mother started flocking into the clinic forcing the doctor to hide her in the eating room for safety of her life.

“Few minutes later, plain clothed policemen came and told me to board a pickup and I was taken to Wandegeya Police Station where I recorded a statement. I was in shock and couldn’t believe what was happening.”

Buganda road court magistrate, Olive Kazaarwe, adjourned the case to April 22, for further defence by Namubiru who is represented by Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi.

Prosecution alleges that Namubiru on January 17, 2014, unlawfully attempted to cause death of a two year-old baby by pricking her hand and using the same canular to inject the baby while knowing she was HIV positive.


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