New Elite Police Unit to Battle Criminals With Bare Hands


viagra dosage sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to the Presidential Assistant for Communications, Ms Sarah Kagingo, the brigade was trained to use guns without firing similar to using sticks and bars in martial arts.

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“The unit can neutralise criminals with rifles, daggers or even barehands.”

Mr Museveni said a more efficient police force will enhance the overall defence capabilities of Uganda.

“This training brings out the potential of a human body, capable of high performance if well-trained as we have just witnessed. This way you can be able to walk long distances and run while chasing criminals. With your bare hands or using rifles or daggers, you can neutralize dangerous people,” he said.

The President who initially inspected a guard of honour mounted by the police officers later witnessed exercises in stability, obstacle crossing including bridges, body stamina, tunnel/ladder stroke, wiremesh/trench jigs, shooting range etc that were over seen by SP Amboyo John Grey, the deputy Commandant of the school.

He later witnessed spectacular tactical demonstrations by the officers before handing over gifts to the best performing officers including N0. 55574 PC Caroline Acheng (best dagger), N0 57842 PC Charles Mukisa (best disciplined), N0 59894 PC Ejang Indikela (best woman commander) and N0 55471 PC Joseph Oboyo (best male commander).

N0 56323 PC Joseph Ogole was the best in skills at arms and a potential super sniper.

“In the past, the army was diverted to do internal security duties because the police had no capacity. We had to divert the whole 3rd battalion and part of the 5th battalion to deal with cattle rustling, if such a force was in place, they would have handled this,” he said.

The President said he would discuss with the police leadership on strengthening the tasks in the force for better performance.

Referring to remarks by the IGP that some police officers in metropolitan Kampala had become slow with time, the President urged the force to maintain strict discipline and exercise saying everybody is capable of becoming obese describing the situation as fluid but said that this can change.

He commended the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for its support to Uganda and for training the first tank force and the Special Forces Command.

IGP Gen Kale Kayihura Speaks out

According to Gen Kayihura, the presidential directive to build Field Force Unit was aimed at helping deal with paramilitary threats including terrorism/insurgencies, cattle rustling, riots, communal violence and other forms of extreme violence.

“The programme aimed at training a brigade-size force that will be responsible for policing the city with a reserve to respond to emergencies.”

According to police plan, the unit will be deployed to police the Entebbe-Kampala highway which is a focal point for the country and where criminal violence has increased.

The other reason for the unit was because security technologies are becoming more pervasive and easily accessible to criminals and their gangs.

“Mobile telephones and the internet have enhanced organisation and efficiency of criminal gangs, as such police officers on routine patrol face unprecedented vulnerability.”


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