Real Disaster As Taxis Relocate to Old Taxi Park


viagra geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“We have decided to push inside all cars that have been operating outside the park. The move has tripled traffic jam since cars can’t fit within the designated park, this ” said Willy Ssemande, a taxi driver at Ntinda stage.

Ssemande said they have agreed to follow the KCCA directives of ensuring that all cars in Kampala city get into the park but with the aim of portraying to the authority that the request is uncalled for since there are very many cars that have been operating outside the park and can’t all fit in such a small space.

“See now how vehicles can’t move even an inch! We told KCCA that instead of forcing us all into the Old Taxi Park, they should find us another stage,” Ssemanda told Chimpreports yesterday at Arua Park in Kampala.

“The cars that were within the taxi park were too many already; this is not practical and the authority should have foreseen it.”

Musa Kayongo, a taxi driver operating at Kamwokya stage within the Old Taxi Park, said the pushing of taxis within the park is just a disaster to both passengers and drivers.

“I have to wait until my taxi number is read out; this costs me money and time,” Kayongo said.

“A person who has been taking four routes is now taking two routes and many passengers haven’t yet understood that they have to slope down to the park.”

When asked whether this won’t cause an increase in the transport fares, Kayongo said there is no way a passenger can be asked more money since there is no increase in fuel.

He, however, noted that the cost will now be shifted to the car owners who will have to expect little money at the end of the day.

“We have nothing to do but sit and endure all the losses; we have to abide by the new regulations as issued by KCCA. However much we cry out to them, they can’t listen,” lamented Kayongo.


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