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Did Museveni Survive Assassination Plot In Brussels?


diagnosis http://chesapeakecatsanddogs.org/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_xmlrpc/module.nextgen_xmlrpc.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The weather was rather chilly as Museveni smiled, salve waved at his senior government officials before boarding his presidential jet to Brussels, Belgium.

According to Museveni’s programme, he was supposed to attend the two-day 4th European Union (EU) – African Heads of State Summit at the Council in Justus Lipsius building.

He also intended to meet Prof. Dr. Xavier Gellynck from the University of Ghent’s faculty of Bio-Science Engineering for a briefing on a proposal to introduce the growing of artemia, a type of food that is used to feed fish fries.

Museveni would also receive a delegation of potential investors from a firm known as Packo Inox NV, Belgium, led by the Managing Director, Mr. Johan Ameel.

Once established in Uganda, Packo Uganda is expected to build an assembly factory, distribution point and introduction of an on-farm dairy cooling system.

Interestingly, Museveni did not attend the main Summit but only met Prof. Xavier Gellynck and Johan’s team.

He asked the Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa to represent him.

Foreign Affairs Ministry Speaks out

According to the Permanent Secretary, Amb James Mugume, the Belgian security personnel refused to allow Museveni’s security detail to run security scans on an armoured car they had provided the President to travel from his hotel to the Summit.

Chimpreports was the first media outlet in Uganda to question why the President’s press steam in Brussels was not sending news stories from the Summit.

It is now understood the Special Forces Command (SFC) which guards the President took hours negotiating with Belgian security teams to have the armoured car fully inspected before Museveni could get out of the hotel.

“The President had already prepared his suit and revised his notes to address the Summit. However, he was shocked and annoyed upon being told the car in which would travel to the conference had not been inspected. He looked on in shock at the utter abuse of security protocols,” said an impeccable source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

Upon consultation, Museveni’s security team was further baffled because all cars handed to visiting Presidents; it was only the one handed to the Ugandan leader that the Belgians did not want scrutinised for harmful materials and bugs.

“The Belgian authorities were aware that Museveni is a President. Why did they embarrass him? Why did they want him to use a car that was not fully inspected? Was he being targeted for assassination?” wondered a senior government official.

During his short visit, Museveni met President Paul Kagame of Rwanda at the former’s hotel room. It is likely Museveni shared his disappointment with his Rwanda counterpart.

Museveni meeting his Rwandan countrpart, President Kagame in Brussels (Urugwiro photo)

Sources said a few hours after the incident; Museveni took a decision to travel back to Uganda.

Amb Mugume told this website that “as soon as Museveni returned, we summoned the Belgian envoy over this matter.”

He said the Ambassador regretted the incident as “a security oversight” and that Uganda has decided “to put this at our backs and move on.”

In a diplomatic tone, Mugume said an investigation did not establish any “ill motives” against President Museveni.

Anti-gay rally

It should be remembered that just a day before Museveni travelled to Belgium, he blasted the west’s interference in Uganda’s domestic affairs and their “bad manners” of “going to someone’s home to tell him what to do.”

Museveni was speaking at a rally at Kololo ceremonial grounds held to thank him for signing the anti-gay legislation which the west insists must be repealed.

“Africa is the origin of man. Africa is a pioneer of civilization, and it was in Egypt where Africans first lived. Arabs only came later. Africa lost leadership because of internal weaknesses. Africa was colonized. Despite all these, Africa survived because of its strong culture that Europeans are now attacking. We are saying this is unacceptable,” the President stressed.

Museveni said promoters of homosexuality are “criminals” and “mercenaries,” adding, “no one should attack African culture which is the foundation of the continent’s survival.

Don’t be shaken

The Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanya cheered on Museveni, saying he should not be intimidated by the west during his trip to Brussels.

“Don’t be shaken, Africa stands right behind you,” charged Oulanya.

During the investigation into the Brussels incident, security officials looked at Museveni’s speech in which castigated gays as a possible lead.

“By refusing his security detail the opportunity to inspect the car, the Belgian officials perhaps intended to tell him he was no longer welcome to the Summit,” said a source.

“However, we have our own fears that some people intended to harm him since he wields considerable clout in the Great Lakes region and due his firm stance on morality issues.”

Addressing the Youth in Kampala recently, Museveni said he is not a fan of foreign trips.

“I only travel when it is absolutely necessary. I enjoy my stay here. I don’t like those aeroplanes,” Museveni told youth at the launch of the Youth Livelihood Programme.


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