Opposition Dig Deep In Western Uganda

and http://crmsoftwareblog.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/functions.gallery.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>They insist the current leadership at the Electoral Commission cannot deliver a free and fair election and that it should be disbanded.

The EC has on several occasions reaffirmed its competence and ability to deliver a transparent electoral exercise, citing the nationwide electoral education campaigns and computerised transmission of vote results.

The crusade meetings appear as early campaigns for the opposition as they to struggle to unite behind a single candidate to challenge Museveni in the upcoming elections.

Unlike in the past when Police blocked the opposition meetings, this time round, law enforcement bodies provided security to the politicians to address several rallies in western Uganda.

This followed a meeting between the opposition and Internal Affairs Minister Gen Aronda Nyakairima and IGP Gen Kale Kayihura in Kampala.

It was agreed that the politicians refrain from using inflammatory language and also cooperate with police and provisions of the Public Order Management rules in the preparation of the rallies.

Leader of Opposition, Wafula Oguttu described the Bunyoro rallies as “simply terrific.”

“Hoima Boma ground was fully packed to capacity, all attentively listening to the message. No police was in sight. So there was total peace,” said Oguttu.

“But some young people among the audience thought we were wasting time. They shouted they wanted guns so that they could speak the language Museveni understands best.”

Oguttu said the youth elsewhere have also expressed similar demands of challenging Museveni using guns but “we have politely explained that guns can never give power and democracy to the people.”

In Hoima, FDC youth league member, Francis Mwijukye said “the Banyoro have welcomed and supported the campaign for electoral reforms.”

Dr Kizza Besigye used the platforms to assure supporters that Uganda would be “liberated from the dictator and his guns peacefully without using guns.”

While opposition have successfully managed to discredit the current leadership at the Electoral commission, they are yet to agree on a single candidate ahead of the presidential elections.

A United opposition block would give Museveni a run for his money.

Several activists and diplomats continue to press government for electoral reforms which include an Independent and impartial electoral commission; disbanding the current Electoral Commission for a new one agreed upon by all stakeholders; a new, clean and verifiable voters’ register and exclusion of the army in the electoral process.

Other demands include blocking massive diversion of public funds and demarcation of electoral boundaries; freedom to organize and assemble; transparent selection of presiding officers; involving the opposition in processing and storing of electoral materials; ensuring an inclusive tallying process; and a new model for adjudicating presidential election disputes.

EC publicist Jotham Taremwa says the body is impartial and professional.

He also challenged the opposition to respond to the EC’s 2016 roadmap which provides the electoral body’s strategy for the upcoming national elections.


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