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Machar Tells IGAD Not to Ignite New War


visit this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Radio Tamazuj, “Machar says he has no objection to IGAD ceasefire monitors, but not IGAD troops sent to secure oil fields as proposed earlier by the regional body”.

“He has previously stated his intention to capture oil fields in Upper Nile State in order to deny Juba the revenue from crude production.”

In an interview with Press TV, Machar said he would consider it a military interference if IGAD troops are deployed to protect oil fields.

“The oil is being used to buy arms, to kill us and perpetrate corruption in this country,” Machar was quoted as saying.

“I rejected and condemned the decision of IGAD to send troops to South Sudan. IGAD cannot send a force to guard our own installations. We are capable to guard our own installations. They even say a deterrent force. Who are they going to deter? Us, not the government.”

“So they are declaring war. They will be asked by their own people, why are you interfering in Sudan? So we are resisting by all means. No deterrent force to South Sudan.”

“There are already UN forces nearby, if they want protection of their monitors, they can only increase their components in the UN force but not to be deployed in the oilfields, because then they are militarily interfering in the conflict in South Sudan.”

The IGAD force was proposed as an alternative following continuous demands by South Sudan opposition that Ugandan troops be withdrawn to facilitate the peace talks.

The rebel delegation even boycotted peace talks demanding that UPDF be withdrawn from their country.

In a surprising turn of events, they are once more determined to resist the deployment of the IGAD troops which are said to be “neutral”, according to regional states.

Meanwhile, the IGAD Monitoring and Verification teams have today kicked off with operations in a bid to probe the continued ceasefire violations.

(Radio Tamazuj)


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