Payroll Clean UP Exposes Ghost Workers

buy more about sick sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Recently, abortion government proposed decentralising the payroll saying, that it will help in the elimination of manipulation of the payroll and to reduce the workload of the ministry Public Service.

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Media reports have revealed that 40% of public servants have not been paid for the last three months yet records from the ministry of Public Service show that money was already released.

This provoked the government to embark on decentralising the payroll of all civil servants in the country.

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Rev Lokodo, says that this process has helped government to unearth ghost workers.

The Minister who declined to disclose the exact number of ghost workers argued that this has affected the country’s economy and culprits must face a legal action.

He added that the most affected department is the ministry of Local Government which had continuously suffered non-payment.

In accordance with the leadership amendment code which requires all civil servants to declare their wealth to IGG, many civil servants have failed to abide by it including Members of Parliament.

The minister warned that the big arm of the law will deal with those implicated.


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