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EXCLUSIVE: Spy Tapes Saga Deepens


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The IGP further notes Mbabazi has been using his office for self-enrichment instead of using resources available to transform lives of NRM followers say through poverty eradication projects.

“Mbabazi and I are servants of the President. My responsibility is to build a strong and credible police institution, which I am doing anyway. Challenge Mbabazi to tell you what he has done for NRM. Did the President turn down any of his ideas on building a strong foundation for NRM?” wondered Kayihura.

It is thought Kayihura made the remarks during a meeting with youth in Gomba.

He said instead of erecting a bank for NRM, Mbabazi set up his private National Bank of Commerce (NBC).

The leaked spy tapes underline Kayihura’s unquestionable loyalty to Museveni and his determination to crush any resistance against the President.

Asked why Kayihura chose to participate in the internal politics of NRM which has an independent disciplinary committee, an official who preferred anonymity said some vigilantes in several districts were calling the IGP for clarification on why some groups were moving around villages especially in western Uganda saying Museveni would not stand for President in 2016.

Sources told Chimpreports that early this year, Labour Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana was shocked by residents in Ntungamo who complained that some pro-Mbabazi youth were moving around villages saying Museveni will not stand in 2016.

Rukutana involvement

At first, Rukutana thought these were rebels thus appealing to authorities including Kayihura to investigate the incidents.

“That’s how this investigation started. So many people were calling the IGP that there is a covert plot to remove Museveni. It was later realised that it were pro-Mbabazi youth trying to build a strong base to humiliate Museveni at the NRM delegates’ conference,” a source told this investigative website.

It is reported Rukutana told his constituents in Ntungamo he would not stand for MP in 2016 if Museveni was no longer President.

Meanwhile, in the recently leaked tapes, Kayihura warns the youth on associating with people who could plunge the country into chaos such as South Sudan.

He says only Museveni can maintain stability in Uganda and the region.

Kayihura goes at length to reveal his background before joining the NRA bush war, saying he was not motivated by self-enrichment that comes with capturing power.

He also gives an example of Gen David Sejusa who left behind plenty of property to run into exile.

Kayihura also notes that Mbabazi deceived the Chinese he was the anointed successor of President Museveni to receive money.


During this Gomba conversation, the youth confirmed Kayihura’s fears that Mbabazi was mobilising grassroot structures to challenge Museveni in 2016.

“It is true, Mbabazi is mobilising for support. Some people have been dangling money in our eyes to do mobilisation for him. I also received shs200, 000 which I could not refuse due to my financial difficulties,” a youth told the IGP.

Kayihura speaks out

Kayihura recently said the interrogation and arrest of NRM youth leaders perceived to be supporters of Mbabazi was part of a wider investigation into reports that “individuals associated with the NRM party are going around the country securing or attempting to secure signatures, using methods that amount to criminality such as using bribery or on the basis of falsehoods.”

He said police received reports of a group of people moving around collecting signatures from people in Kampala, falsely claiming that the intention was to take them to the President so that the longstanding promises the President are, at last, fulfilled.

“Others were paid money (actually bribed) ranging from Shs 50,000 to 500,000 depending on their respective status in the NRM,” said the IGP.

Mbabazi has consistently denied mobilising support against Museveni. He, however, admits his wife indeed carried out some mobilisation work.

Mbabazi emphasised his relationship with Museveni remains solid due to their friendship that started over 30 years ago.

The powerful NRM Secretary General says he will write a book about working under Museveni.


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