Museveni Loses Temper As Bubulo West Race Intensifies


troche http://crfg.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/holiday-snow.php sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>”I know this woman. I first met her as a teacher and wife to one of our fighters Natoolo Masaba. I first appointed her RDC and later ambassador to India. She is very strict and hardworking. That is why she quarrels with people who steal money. We need leaders like this to fight thieves, page http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-9f876bb00eca2040de870718c42f9369.php ” pointed out the angry President.

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He added: “You elected a mad man Kipoi and when he got there, he wanted to overthrow the NRM government with guns. We threw him in. But because of the courts which are confused, they released him on bond and he fled to Congo. You have been here for long without any representation.”

Tony Nsubuga Kipoi is facing charges of treason, illegal confinement of South African nationals and dealing in narcotic drugs, according to Sarah Kagingo, the President’s Special Communications Assistant.

The Bubulo West by-election follows the recent Parliament pronouncement on the then MP Tony Nsubuga Kipoi over his continued absence from the House.

Kipoi ceased to be a Member of Parliament under Article 83 (1) (d) of the Constitution which states that an MP loses his seat if he misses more than 15 parliamentary sittings without a convincing explanation.

The President today officially handed over the NRM flag to Mutonyi at two rallies held at Butiru and Bubulo sub counties in Manafwa district, respectively.

Mutonyi, NRM flag bearer

He urged the people of Bubulo to exploit the little land they have by investing in cost effective enterprises including coffee, fruits, zero grazing, poultry, piggery etc saying there should be no home left without an income.

Using the example of the veterans programme, the President said with only Shs 157m he has managed to successfully distribute over half a million seedlings of improved coffee to farmers since September last year and wondered why the NAADS programme in the district which gets over Shs 2.3bn a year could not make an impact.

The President was informed that both the NAADS coordinator and the CAO at the time have been interdicted and are facing court charges.

The President said his NRM has been struggling to build a strong economy by attracting investments through factories, adding that when they came into power the country was only getting Shs 5000bn in taxes but now collect over Shs 9000bn.

He said this has enabled government to invest in roads, electricity, UPE and USE among other things.

Manafwa district alone has full access to electricity from Mbale – Bubulo – Butiru-Buumbo – Lwakhakha and also a fully developed gravity flow water project for access to clean water.

He said the remaining issue to tackle next is tarmacking of the Mbale-Bubulo-Magale Lwakhaka road.

The President commended the contestants who stood against Mutonyi in the party primaries and lost for supporting the flag bearer saying they exhibited mature politics.

The NRM party flag bearer Rose Mutonyi pledged to fight corruption and to monitor all government programmes more critically including NAADS.

“If you give me your vote, I will monitor all government programmes because if the money is stolen, we are the losers. When I get thieves I will put them where they belong, away from our midst,” she said.

The rallies were attended by various ministers including that for General duties in charge of mobilisation, Richard Todwong, Members of Parliament and local leaders.


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