Kayihura Attacks Opposition Over Police Review Report


sales geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Police Management in December 2006 undertook to carry out a comprehensive review of the national security force to ensure it is a relevant, dosage professional and democratically accountable establishment, viagra order as outlined in Article 211 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

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Gen Kayihura in a meeting with the then Internal Affairs Minister resolved to have the review, before appointed a steering Committee to embark on the process.

The review, according to the IGP, aimed at re-branding, refocusing, and bolstering the Uganda Police Force image as a modern, professional and educated force that can deal with all issues it faces in a community focused manner.

Kayihura in a statement, however, expressed dismay over how some opposition politicians were rushing to make reference to the report which is yet to be finalised.

He cited Shadow Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon Muwanga Kivumbi, who allegedly asked Parliament to have the report discussed on the floor of Parliament.

“Since 2006, the process has been ongoing. It is work in progress and the process is not yet complete. How can Parliament discuss a report whose drafting is still ongoing? At best the report qualifies only to be referred to as a “Draft Report,” noted Kayihura.

The General attributed the long spell it has taken for the finalisation of the process, to financial constraints in the initial stages of the review.

He noted, however, that some development partners had finally come on board and provided the resources needed for the project.

“While the majority of civil society organisations were contacted for their input and some government offices and Institutions consulted, some key Government Ministries and offices such as the Ministry for Security, Prime Minister’s office, Ministry of Finance and the President’s Office, to mention but a few, are yet to be consulted. Thus, the draft report as it is, in its current form, lacks some input from key government offices,” he said.

“Once all the inputs are included, the report shall be presented to Police Management for discussion, input and eventual approval. Thereafter, I will formally sign the report and then it will be launched. After launching, an implementation of the programme shall be developed.”

The IGP thus appealed to those prematurely advancing the debate on the premature report to be patient till the report has completed the cycle of development.


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