Kapapala Star Lutalo Opens Up On Life Story

about it http://compraresenzaricettaonline.com/wp-includes/simplepie/enclosure.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Born in 1986, see http://chemistsown.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-terms-list-table.php Lutalo is a friendly, caring and pro-people local artiste.

He comes from Bukamagga village in Luweero district. He was born to Mr Robinson Lujja and Mrs Masitula Nasazi.

As a young boy, Lutalo went to Bawutta-Lwogi Primary school from primary two to primary four.

He later joined Butungulu primary school up to primary seven.

He then joined Busisa Grammar secondary school for O level but did A level from Kasana Academy.

Lutalo started singing during the long S.6 vacation.

“I tried out several jobs like bricklaying, charcoal burning and income generating petty business to no avail,” he told ChimpLyf in an exclusive interview.

ChimpLyf writer Betty Byatesa interviewing Lutalo

“I had a long time friend, MC Eddy, a musician I admired who later introduced me to a producer, Moses Ssempereza, of Mozart studio.”

Lutalo wrote and recorded his first song ‘Ayi Mukama’ in 2007 which by the grace of God, introduced him to many people after heavily hitting the streets of Kampala.

“I later on did my second song, ‘Kapapala’ in 2008 from Mozart studio at no fee and this has left me branded Kapapala.”

He has a total of seven albums with quite a number of songs.

Through music, Lutalo has managed to free himself from renting and now has a house in Makindye.

“Music has brought me so many friends and has made me popular in the country hence introducing me to many places,” he says.

Among his songs ‘Wa Jetugenda’ which talks about the perversity in our generation never leaves his mind.

Lutalo has a new song coming

Talking of songs, he is baking a new one titled ‘Nandikulese Mukyalo’ and describing a man regretting having brought his wife from the village but later turned wild and unruly after meeting several men in town.

“I am a song writer and have done the writing of all my songs.”

On a lighter note, Lutalo admires the late Paul Job Kafeero because he was “a perfect man and creative”.

Apart from singing, the singer has a business; he manages a group of upcoming artists.

The singer says he is married to lady “I won’t tell you”.

“I have only 2 children, a boy and a girl.”

People say he got married to an old woman but Lutalo insists “those are baseless allegations”.

My wife and I are both fitting and matching.

“The biggest challenge is that a person that you help to bring on top later turns around and starts blackmailing or tarnishing your image.”

Apparently, Lutalo rarely goes shopping because “my wife and the manager always shop whatever I want”.


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