Cultural Artiste Namirimu Wants Media to Sell Local Music


cure http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/shortcodes.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>ChimpLyf run into her recently and managed to conduct a quick chat as the excerpts below explain.

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ChimpLyf: The readers would love to know who their celebrity is!

Namirimu: I’m a cultural music artiste, simple, pro-people and approachable.

ChimpLyf: Would that satisfy them?

Namirimu: (light laughter) Okay. I was born in Gomba- Mayangayanga village in Masaka district. It is very unfortunate that all my parents died but they remain Mr Rozio Bulega and Mrs Deziranta Nyangoma.

ChimpLyf: Which schools did you attend?

Namirimu loves her culture, you can tell from her dresscode

Namirimu: I will not go into the details of all the schools I attended but I did my A level.

ChimpLyf: So when and how did you join the music industry?

Namirimu: I was born a singer. I remember, I started serious singing at the age of 13 in a village drama group.

Having been in the group for some good time, a friend of mine introduced me to a one Dan Mugula of Entebbe Guitar Singers in 1993.

ChimpLyf: What was your first song?

Namirimu: My first song was ‘Second Hand’ which didn’t gain a lot of popularity not until I introduced ‘Ziba Bbiri’ that set the public on fire.

She is a full full woman

ChimpLyf: How many albums do you now have so far?

Namirimu: l have so many albums, a round 15; Second Hand, Omusajja Tazira, Nkyuka Egoma Enganda, Tolina Manyi, Ziba Bbiri and many others.

ChimpLyf: What would you call your achievements in the field of music?

Namirimu: I have managed to acquire many friends that have introduced me to very many places.

ChimpLyf: Is Namirimu a married woman?

Namirimu: Yaah, am married, that’s all.

ChimpLyf: Uuhm, ok! Any children?

Namirimu: Yes, I have both boys and girls.

She is a mother of many

ChimpLyf: Among your songs, which one do you love most?

Namirimu: ‘Ziba Bbiri’ which unshielded me.

ChimpLyf: Are you doing any new song?

Namirimu: My new song is ‘Driver’ which I believe funs will enjoy when it comes out.

ChimpLyf: Who is your role model among Ugandan artistes?

Namirimu: Miriam Ndagire. She is a diplomatic lady and does good music.

ChimpLyf: What are some of the challenges you have so far faced in the music world?

Namirimu: There are so many challenges, which include electronic media shunning our music that would indeed be educative to the community.

ChimpLyf: One last question, my dear, which perfume do you use?

Namirimu: Ahhhaaaahee! I use SHE perfume.


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