Play of Giants: Navio, Bebe Clash


mind http://consultants-lactation.org/wp-includes/class-wp-text-diff-renderer-inline.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>It doesn’t matter what he said or how he said it but the utterance prompted this message from Lugaflow legend, mind Navio:

African Entertainment Awards- Best East African Act Award Winner 2013- NAVIO.

“Nigerian Entertainment Awards- Best EA Act Winner. 2013- NAVIO.

And that is in the last year minus the other 24 awards plus that I’ve achieved.

So don’t talk about who is big in EA right now. Open your eyes.

You cant talk about H.E Bobi Wine (The Ghetto President) DR. JOSE Chameleone and lastly Bebe Cool without talking about Navio in UG music.

Never put me in the category of a small artist. Especially when the same people you criticize can buy out everything you own 10 times.

Do I need to start talking about what I have in order to get respect? Don’t tempt me. Do your research.

See you at the next stadium show.”

This message posted on Navio’s social media, Facebook, did not go well with fans.

Some accused him of blindly misinterpreting Bebe’s message and reason for attacking DJs while others told him not to blow his own trumpet before Ugandans can themselves judge.

It clearly showed that Navio had opened a war on Bebe but the Lugaflow master cleared the air in another message:

Let me say this clearly. Firstly Bebe Cool is my big brother. With 3 collaborations together over 10 years ago he is the first artist we cared to work with.

When he makes a comment and people twist his words- THOSE are the people I will address.

So when I talk about these issues, I’m not referring to him. I’m talking to the idiots online who are trying to make me abuse my brother. It won’t happen.

If I took what HE said badly- I could pick up the phone, drive to his house and talk about it man to man.

Whether we fight, argue etc I respect him and his wife too much to put him on that level of hate.

So don’t bring him into the issue. I’m talking to you people who twisted his words to make it seem like I didn’t make the most cash of any artist in the last 2 years. ANY.

I’ll say it again, you can’t talk about East African Music without talking about Navio. Full Stop.

With 10,000 people at my first show, you don’t have to convince me where my fans are or are not.

Do your research.

Now can we get back to the DJ issue and stop trying to distract people?

You people will make it seem like I’m no longer humble!!”

I think this clarifies that the two are still tight buddies and the fight is not between them but directed at DJs.


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