NCDC to Reform Lower Secondary Curriculum


advice geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The reform process kicked off in 2011 and expected to be accomplished in 2017 where the ministry of Education and Sports will be officially implementing this programme.

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According to the Coordinator of this project at the National Curriculum Development Centre, Mathew Mulumba, the programme has been designed to fit eight key learning areas; creative arts, religious education, languages, life education science, social studies, technology and entrepreneurship.

This new improved teaching and training from S.1 to S.4 entirely focuses on bringing new teaching materials in all institutions of learning which fit the current modern world.

“One of the key support materials will be the learners’ textbooks and teachers guides,” Mulumba added.

The reformed curriculum is expected to meet national aspirations and goals like the vision 2040.

During this period, teachers are the implementers of the curriculum and to have a successful work done, several of them have been identified to take up the necessary reforms at all levels.

Mulumba also revealed that the retooling process will be done to teachers of different subjects as a guarantee that any teacher will be able to handle over six elements in one subject.

However, before retooling is done, a comprehensive training will be done to ensure that teachers give good skills to their students at all levels.

Before the programme can be fully implemented in 2017, the National Curriculum Development Centre will make a final assessment that will enable any learner to understand what has been taught and later analyse the concept into real things.

The center also insists that Kiswahili should be the official language in the East African region to enable all the five countries to communicate effectively.

This programme comes at a time when there are several challenges in the ministry of Education and Sports when it comes to funding teachers and other related public servants in this sector who at times take more than three months without their pay.


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