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EALA Tensions Rise As Zziwa’s Impeachment Backfires


medicine http://cycling.today/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The session which was adjourned indefinitely delayed after some of the members boycotted after learning that the order paper did not contain the controversial motion.

The session was finally tabled at 3:45pm, and sitting resumed amid tension that continued into the short but heated arguments before the Speaker announced the assembly would remain suspended until further notice.

The motion that has been on the cards for some time now was finally moved by outspoken Kenyan member, Peter Mathuki, who was one of the early signatories to have Ms Zziwa removed as a Speaker.

A minute into Mr Mathuki’s tabling of the motion, another member Fred Mukassa Mbidde stood up and sought guidance from the Speaker over the legality of continuing with the motion.

He said there was a pending case in the High Court that relate to the office of the Speaker.

The intervention forced a Kenyan member Joseph Ombasa to also interject, claiming article 38 (3) of the EALA regulations allowed the House to proceed with matters that are of dire importance to the EAC.

It was then that Mr Kaahwa jumped in to clarify that the case in Court did not bar the members from their debate on the impeachment of the Speaker.

He said a ruling on the matter had stated as much.

However, Mbidde immediately accused the EAC Lawyer of seeking to mislead the House and said he was taking sides in the debate.

Zziwa, is accused by a section of East African Legislators of incompetence, poor leadership, dictatorship and favoritism.

(The Citizen)


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