South Sudan

Addis Ababa Peace Talks Postponed Once More


order sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>”They said they want to go and consult with the heads of IGAD and they will give us a break of one month up to the 30th of April, website ” revealed Hussein Maar Nyuot, diagnosis a spokesman for opposition negotiators at the talks in Addis Ababa.

Maar Nyuot added that when the talks reconvene, opposition and government negotiators will sign an agenda and declaration of principles, before getting down to the business of hammering out a peace deal.

Nyuot said during the break of several weeks the parties will share the statement of principles with interested parties adding that they will work to resolve outstanding issues that have prevented the talks from getting off the ground, including whether seven former political detainees should be included in the negotiations.

The anti-government negotiators have also protested Uganda’s inclusion as an observer at the talks, claiming that troops from Uganda – South Sudan’s southern neighbor-are fighting alongside government forces.

The two opposing sides in South Sudan’s conflict signed a cessation of hostilities agreement in late January, before the first round of talks ended. But what was supposed to be an immediate ceasefire, with both sides ordering their troops to stop fighting, never took hold as fighting instead continued.

IGAD officials declined to comment on the new adjournment but said they would release a statement later.

The government side at the talks said it will comment once the IGAD statement has been released.



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