Gov’t Warms to Enforce Swahili Speaking

clinic geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Speaking at Grand Global Hotel in Kikoni Makerere, treat the Minister said that Swahili is almost used in every country on the African continent and its only Uganda which is still lagging behind.

She added that in the UK, there over 300 Universities teaching Kiswahili and this should also be done in Uganda “if we are to benefit and to fit in the East African Community”.

In order to ensure that this is achieved, a council has been put in place to implement all strategies of endorsing Swahili language in the country.

“The council is named The Uganda National Kiswahili Council which shall be spearheaded by Professor Austin Mwalimu Bukenya.”

The Council shall comprise of 18 members of whom 30% must be female, appointed by the Minister of Culture, one representative at the level of commissioner from each of the ministries concerned, one professional in the field of Kiswahili and one professional from the NGOs whose focus is on the promotion and devolvement of Kiswahili.

According to Minister Karoro, the council shall act as a body to promote the devolvement of Swahili throughout Uganda, cooperate with other bodies in Uganda, East Africa and elsewhere in the world concerned with the promotion of Swahili, encourage the achievement of high standards in the use of Swahili and to discourage its misuse, and to publish suitable journalistic, periodical, educational, Scholarly and creative Kiswahili materials.

Research shows that 45% of Ugandans miss out on good employment opportunities due to their failure to express themselves in Kiswahili and this is most experienced in Kenya, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

So the question on the table is “will Uganda ever reach the extent at which Swahili is spoken in countries like Kenya and Tanzania where people are born speaking?”

As the saying goes, Swahili was born in Kenya, died in Tanzania, got buried in Uganda and its ghost continues to haunt DR Congo.


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