DP: We Legitimised Museveni's Presidency


approved geneva; line-height: 26px; font-size: small;”>The events, prostate party officials say, medical will be rotational and the next set of celebrations will take place in Busoga sub region.

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“This particular one will be special because we will traverse all the districts in the sub region and the climax will be at Busoga Square in Jinja town,” said DP’s Mohammed Kezaala who is also Jinja Municipality Mayor.

As the celebrations get underway Mr Keezala said, every person in Ugandan owes it to themselves to reflect deeply on the priceless contributions by the oldest political party in the country, starting with HE president Yoweri Museveni himself.

If it weren’t for the Democratic Party Kezaala said, the president would not have managed this country and most likely it’d have ended up a failed state. When president Museveni came to power by the force of arms, he had no idea how to run a country,” said Kezaala while addressing press on Monday.

“He must be grateful to DP’s Dr Ssemogerere, Evaristo Nyanzi, Kizito Ssebaana, and Andrew Kayiira among others who accepted to join in the new government, to give it legitimacy, credibility and offer guidance; otherwise it would have been a failed state.”

The Mayor went on to lash at individuals who still hold that the party has nothing much to celebrate, branding these as ‘shortsighted and poor historians.’

“It was DP and our own Benedicto Kiwanuka at the center of Uganda’s independence from the British in 1962. He led a delegation to the Lancaster Conference to determine the type of self-governance that the country needed.”

“Without his resistance would could be with white leaders to-date because the whites were determined to retain control of the Finance and Ministry of Defense dockets and precondition to grant us independence.”


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