Museveni: Africa Pioneered Civilisation, Can’t Accept Gays


viagra dosage sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify;”>“Africa is the origin of man. Africa is a pioneer of civilization, and it was in Egypt where Africans first lived. Arabs only came later. Africa lost leadership because of internal weaknesses. Africa was colonized. Despite all these, Africa survived because of its strong culture that Europeans are now attacking. We are saying this is unacceptable,” the President stressed.

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The President, who was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Janet Museveni, made these remarks this afternoon at the National thanksgiving service organized by the coalition of Religious and Civil Organizations to celebrate the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into Law.

President Museveni signed the Bill on the 23rd February 2014, according to Sarah Kagingo, the President’s Special Communications Assistant.

The President said he signed the Bill after getting convinced that Homosexuality was not genetic but nurtured.

He said that sexual organs are designed for specialized duties, especially that of procreation.

He warned the youth against being lured by the foreign cultures like oral sex that is very unhealthy and detrimental to their wellbeing.

The President called on Religious leaders, and Members of Parliament to mobilize their communities to engage in modern commercial farming to ensure that each household generates income for financial and food security as well as the aid cuts threatened by Europeans.

“Europeans threaten us with aid cuts because we are lazy, which is an internal weakness. Uganda grows crops twice a year, unlike in Europe where they cultivate only once because of winter. Uganda is one of the richest countries in the world,” he noted.

He once again castigated Ugandans who frustrate the opening up of factories and Industrial centres like that projected for Tororo.

He urged the youth to shun such elements who want to “kill” their future.

He also asked the youth to be frugal in their expenditure adding that they should not borrow funds for lavish graduation parties and wedding ceremonies.

President Museveni thanked all Ugandans for their support to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and called on religious leaders to teach their congregations to cherish hard work.

All religious leaders vowed never to approve the homosexuality vice and expressed their readiness to help those who were misled into the act through counselling.


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