South Sudan

35 SPLA/UPDF Soldiers Killed In Action


website sans-serif; color: #222222;”>In an email received by Chimpreports, order the rebel’s spokesman, Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, says SPLA supported by UPDF’s ground troops attacked their positions at Obel and Dolieb Hills in Panyikang County south of Malakal, but they repulsed them with heavy losses and consequently taking the bases of enemies.

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“The Gallant SPLA/M Forces in Opposition (rebels) captured more territories, armaments, killed government troops and Allies as well as repulsed coordinated attacks on our positions west and south of Malakal town.”

On March 29, government troops supported by UPDF’s ground forces attacked our positions at Obel and Dolieb Hills in Panyikang County south of Malakal,” part of the statement reads.

Gen. Koang says in the first attack, they killed 34 SPLA officers and one UPDF officer and a radio message communication they intercepted from the enemies being sent to the headquarters indicated that 17 soldiers (UPDF and SPLA) were seriously wounded.

Meanwhile, the rebels commanded by Maj. Gen. Thomas Mabor Dhol also captured guns from the SPLA/UPDF included 10 RPGS-7, 20 PKM light machine guns, and 57 AKM assault rifles.

In a separate engagement on the same day of 29-3-2014, SPLA/UPDF also troops attacked rebel forces near Aleleo (Lele) and Werjuok.

The attacking forces were repulsed and their bases were eventually overrun by the rebels commanded by Brig. Simon Diang Duoth.

In the second attack the SPLA/UPDF also lost arms including 5 RPG-7, 1 PKM light machine guns and 3 AKM-47 assault rifles.

However, when contacted on phone the UPDF spokesman, Col. Paddy Ankunda, denied the army losing any soldier or arms to the South Sudan rebels saying, they are not involved in any offensive currently but are only defending strategic positions.

“That is a lie; we are only in Juba and Bor defending our positions. We have not lost any soldier or arms,” Ankunda told us.


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