Museveni: Greed Is Killing Our Country


see geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“I want to show you part of my dilemma…what you are seeing here is how part of Tororo is going to look like in the next two years…” the furious President said as he unwrapped an artistic impression of the Tororo Phosphate, viagra buy iron ore, fertilizer, sulphuric acid, accommodation, steel factory etc factory which has been delayed due to bickering and bribery among local leaders and politicians.

“The reason I brought it to you here…you know a woman who kills children when they are being born. In Luganda they say Yatuula Kumwana and in Runyankole…naziringa abaana…This thing is now in danger because of some of the leaders. Very soon you will hear a war between me and some of these leaders. This is such a big project and will change the area and contribute so much to the economy of Uganda as a whole. But greed, greed, greed, greed of some of our people has no bounds. If this story comes out, you will see that Uganda needs prayers. People have been trying to kill this project,” he said before appealing to leaders to promote and embrace industrial development for the future of the country.

The Carbonatite Comprehensive Industrial Development Project in Sukulu, Tororo district of the Chinese Guangzhou Dongsong Energy Group Co. Limited intends to produce 300,000 tonnes of phosphate fertilisers and 300,000 tonnes of steel and also establish a sulphuric acid plant with a capacity of 200,000 tonnes annually.

They also plan to build a 5MW power plant in the area and they have already acquired the exploration license of Sukulu phosphate deposits which represents the start of resource development.

The President was yesterday giving a key note address to NRM chairpersons at the district and local levels at a meeting held at State House in Entebbe, according to Rose Namayanja, the Minister of Information and National Guidance.

President Museveni lashed at those spreading negative propaganda that NRM party has not delivered saying that NRM party does not depend on the politics of lies but instead on actions giving various examples of economic recovery of most of industries, services such as transport, tourism and ICT thru business out sourcing.

Museveni giving a speech

The President said when the NRM came to power, the population was growing and the economy had declined, there by inheriting the worst recipe for poverty and under development.

The size of economy was $1.5bn now it is $24bn and will be $26bn by June 2015.

Government aided schools are now 1057 and private schools are 1819 yet at independence there were only 25 government and private sec school in the whole of Uganda.

Health units of all levels are now 1625 in total and does not include health centre twos.

Other achievements include mass immunisations, peace and security, tourism among other things.

“For anybody to say NRM has done nothing is to talk a lot of nonsense. There has been a lot of negative propaganda that NRM has done nothing but I don’t care because I spend time on politics of strength not lies. Many projects were delayed because of lack of cohesion among NRM leaders. We have now stood together to prioritize budgeting, reduce spending on consumption and increase infrastructure development especially roads, electricity etc,’’ he noted.

He called on all the NRM leaders to join hands in fighting what he termed as the remaining challenges to the party such as corruption, poor supervision of government projects, delaying to convert subsistence farmers to commercial ones and continuing to export up processed products.

The President noted that with the improvement in tax base and over Shs 752bn set aside for development, the country is able to fund most of her priority budget areas such as roads, electricity and the just concluded IGAD summit on drought resilience.

“Ugandan government funded IGAD which was supposed to be funded by donors but because of the homosexuality issues they declined funding it saying that it should be postponed and that would mean that they have won the battle so we had to fund it ourselves,” he said.

The meeting, through Pallisa district Chairperson, Mr. Bantalib Issa Taligola, commended the President for signing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill before passing a resolution supporting the President to stand unopposed come 2016 general elections.


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