MPs Summon Gen Kayihura Over Police “Misconduct”


link sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The charged committee members say that the police officers have been page sans-serif; color: #222222;”>harassing the opposition members where ever they move to explain the electoral reforms to the publicpills geneva; line-height: 200%;”> and closing down Radio stations upcountry which hosts the opposition.

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“The leaders were beaten in public and bundled like potato sacks in broad day lights. Radios which they were supposed peacefully address the people were also locked down by the district police commanders. It is only unfortunate that the IGP is trying to dodge us,” Committee member, Semuju Nganda Ibrahim also Kyadondo East MP said.

The Committee Chairperson also Mubende Woman MP, Benny Namugwanya, also accused the IGP for disrespecting them by not appearing even without a prior communication to them.

“This is a under looking by the general. He would have told us earlier that he can’t make it but making us sit in ignorance waiting is improper,” Namugwanya put in.

Gen. Kaihura was supposed to appear today before the committee to explain the police investigations into the Kibwetere massacre but he did not turn up and instead told the chairperson who called him that he was unable to appear and he will communicate on a later date.

Members then concluded to write a protest note to Kayihura warning him to start respecting summons or face arrest since the committee has the powers of the High Court.

MPs on the committee Muwanga Kivumbi and Ssemujju Nganda says that this is not the first time Gen Kayihura fails to appear before the committee and does not communicate them without prior notice.


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