Anti-gay Law: Uganda Holds Mass Rally To thank Museveni


look geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Under tight security, this web supporters of the African traditional marriage carried placards denouncing the West for imposing homosexuality on Africa.

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Chimp Corps say this is the biggest march ever to pull church leaders, politicians, businessmen, activists, student leaders, and other groups to an anti-homosexuality rally.

Previous rallies organised by Pastor Martin Ssempa have always pulled less than 500 people. But this rally appeared organised and well-facilitated. Almost 10,000 people attended.

Those who carried placards said US President Obama should facilitate trade between Uganda and US instead of attempting to coerce the country into accepting homosexuality.

The historic event attracted national and international publicity with Chimpreports and UBC taking the lead in the live coverage.

Museveni did not mince his words today and carefully used his speech to portray homosexuality as a problem not only facing Uganda but Africa.

Museveni was today thanked for legislating against lesbianism and gayism

He also moved fast to downplay the impact of donor aid cuts, saying Uganda has enough resources for inclusive wealth creation if citizens harnessed the five factors of production and put an end to laziness.

Museveni said Uganda has been funding the construction of roads, dams (Karuma) and other public facilities without the help of donors.

The World Bank and other donor groups have since delayed aid to Uganda in the wake of the anti-homosexuality Bill that spells out tough penalties for aggravated homosexuality and exhibitionism.


The President warned the youth against oral sex which he described as “idiocy,” adding “it is very unhealthy and comes with throat gonorrhoea. The mouth is for eating.”

Reiterating his earlier remarks on Uganda’s sovereignty, Museveni blasted the West’s “bad manners” of “going to someone’s home to tell him what to do.”

Anti-gay activists marching to Kololo on Monday (Photos Credit: Stella Nyanzi)

And in a bid to inspire religious leaders to champion the fight against homosexuality, Museveni said he had teamed up with them to create fund to assist 1.5m people living with AIDS in Uganda.

This is a huge blow to the United States’ narrative that if it withheld its aid, 1.5 million people living with AIDS would die.

Museveni ruled out that possibility, saying “we can’t allow that to happen.” He said if U.S is “very careless” to the extent of sacrificing lives of 1.5 million people, Uganda would immediately intervene.

The President, whose relations with U.S are known to be strained, further revealed that the not all the shs1.trillion aid from U.S to support AIDS programs is used for that purpose.


He took off time to emphasise the need for wealth creation across the country, urging church leaders to take the lead in mass awareness campaigns.

Museveni also lectured the youth on avoiding extravagance associated with graduation and wedding parties, citing the example of his 200-pounds-wedding with Janet in London where the latter was living.

“Now I have grand kids from just 200 pounds,” said Museveni.

He encouraged the youth to always visit RDCs for civil weddings to avoid unnecessary expenditures and indebtedness.

He insisted that Africa is a rich continent with vast unexploited resources which should be exploited. He rooted for commercial agriculture to boost revenues and eradicate poverty.

MP Bahati being praised for the anti-homosexuality Bill

“Europeans continue to threaten us with aid cuts because we are lazy. Let’s produce wealth. We don’t need their aid…all families in Uganda must engage in commercial activities to eradicate poverty,” advised the President.

“We have enough land and labour. The problem is entrepreneurship and knowledge to create wealth.”

Homosexuality unhealthy

Returning to the subject of homosexuality, Museveni said the behaviour remains “unhealthy” given that “they go in a wrong address. I don’t know where they’re going.”

He said scientific research confirmed homosexuality as nurtured but not genetic behaviour thus providing substantial grounds for the signing of the anti-gay Bill.

In a veiled warning to pro-gay NGOs which sources say will be deregistered soon, Museveni said promoters of homosexuality are “criminals” and “mercenaries,” adding, “no one should attack African culture which is the foundation of its survival.”

He gave a rich history on humanity, saying “Africa is origin of man and pioneer of civilization. All those Europeans and Chinese were former Africans.”

However, said Museveni, Africa succumbed to colonialism, slave trade and wars thus losing leadership role on the world stage.

He insisted the west must respect Africa’s views on homosexuality.

“We have fundamental disagreements with the west on homosexuality. Homosexuality is not sex.”

Earlier, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya hailed Museveni for resisting western pressure before signing the anti-gay Bill into law in February.

Church leaders vowed to press on the fight against homosexuality, urging Museveni to stand firm in the face of intimidation by the west especially during his visit to Brussels this week.

Oulanya urged Museveni ahead of EU-Africa Summit in Brussels: “Don’t be shaken, Africa stands right behind you.”

MP David Bahati, who originated the idea of the anti-gay Bill, said Uganda is celebrating the strengthening of the African traditional values and that he he will not stop fighting against homosexuality despite being a target of blackmail and intimidation.


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