Lukwago Back: State House Aide Urges Reconciliation


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Among those welcoming Lukwago back to office is the President’s Special Assistant for Communications, Ms Sarah Kagingo.

Kagingo’s statement:

It is my sincere wish that when Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, moves back to his office this morning, he does quietly.

He needs no company of followers.

Catch up with developments in the last months…..pass by the ED’s office, a call to the Minister…..make efforts to reconcile with the 29 councillors. Announce way forward, and it should not include riots.

It would be more beautiful if ED, Jennifer Musisi and Minister Frank Tumwebaze, welcomed the Lord Mayor, at least, following the recent Court ruling.


To the Minister, Lord Mayor, ED and Councillors, I know it is not easy to forgive and forget. It is never easy, not at all.

Very painful sometimes. But it is patience and courage to bear such pain for others, that made most of the world’s greats celebrated by all humanity.

Please do it for us. Do it for Kampala. May God guide us all.

I welcome you, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Ugandans speak out

The Special Presidential Assistant’s post has attracted hundreds of comments from Kampalans wishing for reconciliation, perhaps weary of the ping-pong at City Hall.

Bernard Ology: I just don’t understand though why and for what the ED, councillors and Minister should forgive Lukwago – there should be nothing personal in executing one’s duties, it’s for the greater good of serving people.

Abaho Amon Rweishe Ndyamuba: Omuloodi, you are welcome but we need to see you work with ED. Don’t be blinded by your funny supporters and fight with people who have proved their worth. Musisi is credited for her great work but you look to be frustrating her.

Ahmed Musaazi: The Lord Mayor should use dialogue with the President, ES, Councillors, and DP.

Kategere Thomas Franz: Our voters are so important but there is only one person that sits in a given office at a certain time so you don’t need to move with people to City Hall.

Roger Byaruhanga : Our Lord Mayor should stop being belligerent and work for the betterment of our city and its residents. We gave him our votes in good faith to go and serve us and not to play his politics in our office….I also welcome him to his rightful place.

Racheal Kyalimpa: we are all tired of the fights at KCCA. They do not benefit anyone. Working together is much easier and better for everyone.

Musa Abdullah: I personally think that the councillors should fire the first shoot….. A word of sorry would be better.

Joe Freddy: Mr Lukwago doesn’t know the language called reconciliation. He is just going to declare victory over HE the President as usual.

Musa Abdullah: I think this was already been done by the court on his behalf. When I read the court ruling the judged made it very clear. The Lord Mayor should be paid all his previous and current wages plus compensation. So he doesn’t need to ask the government.


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