Lukwago: I Forgive All My Tormentors


buy sans-serif; color: #222222;”>At around 8:40am, cure together with his Deputy Suleiman Kidandala, visit web Makindye councillor, Allan Ssewanyana and other councillors escorted by his supporters, Lukwago arrived at City Hall entrance and went through a thorough check up before he was allowed to enter the gate.

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The security officers including anti-riot police and VIPP police, however, didn’t allow the Lord Mayor’s supporters to enter City Hall as made the historic journey to his office where he was prayed for by one leader in the Islamic religion as a way of cleansing him and the seat.

Lukwago then joyful took his seat before swinging around as a sign of comfort.

Lukwago makes first speech

The Lord Mayor applauded all those who he said were instrumental in the struggle that saw him return to power adding, that it was a tough battle.

“I can’t hide the excitement. I can tell you because it has now been written in history as a battle well fought. I am not happy because am back into office but we have defeated the forces of retrogation and the antithesis of rule of law,” he put in excitedly.

Lukwago further applauded High Court judge Lydia Mugambe who lived up to the expectations and the oath she made adding, that this was a precedent set in the courts of law in Uganda.

“I didn’t rig to come to office and it would be unfortunate to negate the rule of law for impunity to prevail in the city. The most trying moment came in on November 28, when justice Nyanzi made his ruling and the Prime Minister held a press conference disputing the ruling. However, as leaders, there comes a time when you have to put the will of people before everything else.”

Puts way forward for the city

The Lord Mayor, however, stressed that the only way forward for the city to develop is putting all their differences aside and focusing on working for the people of Kampala.

“I harbour no ill feelings against anyone, my tormentors inclusive, because I am not an enemy of the state. This is the time to put down the daggers and come together for work. Let’s sit, build a consensus, work upon an agenda and forge a way forward because I share the vision to turn around Kampala like anybody else,” Lukwago advised.

“This has been a learning experience not to only me but all actors and I hope they have picked a leaf from it but I want to leave a mark stone and legacy around Kampala as a better city.”

Erias Lukwago was thrown out of office after Kampala minister Frank Tumwebaze constituted a probe committee led by Justine Catherine Bamugemereire which convicted him of incompetence before he was impeached by councillors in November last year.

High Court judge Lydia Mugambe ordered the Electoral Commission to halt their preparations for the mayoral by election and stressed that Lukwago’s removal from office was unlawful and a contempt of court orders adding, that he should go back to his office pending a case he filled against the findings of the KCCA tribunal.


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