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Mother’s Grief As 1-year-old Calvin Goes Missing


advice geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Sickened with grief, information pills the baby’s mother, Daphine Nagawa, tells Chimpreports that Calvin, as he is fondly known, disappeared mysteriously from the neighbourhood where he was playing with fellow kids.

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“It was around 11:00am when I decided to take my shoe to the cobbler, leaving Calvin with his friends playing at a neighbour’s place,” recounts Nagawa.

“Without taking long, I returned home only to find that all the three kids including Calvin were missing from the compound where I had left them. I decided to visit a close neighbour but did not find anyone at the home. This was strange.

At this time I thought that the neighbour was also looking for the children since her child was also among the ones that I left playing in the compound. I then rushed to the charcoal vendor where I found the other two children but Calvin was missing. The vendor told me that she had seen the boys playing but had not noticed Calvin’s disappearance,” says Nagawa.

The search for Calvin started.

Nagawa says there was an open pit latrine “where we first thought the boy had fallen but we did a thorough check and the Police Fire Brigade also confirmed that the child was not in that pit.”

She adds: “I have passed announcements all-over radios and newspapers since March 18 but I have not received any phone call about Calvin’s whereabouts. It’s very disheartening and terrifying.”

Dead or alive?

“I strongly believe that my son is still alive and we shall get him; I suspect that someone might have picked him since he is nice-looking,” sobs Nagawa.

The troubled mother says she prays ten times a day, urging God to help her find Calvin.

“I plead to whoever has seen my precious little Angel to please notify us because for three weeks we have been experiencing sleepless nights,” she adds. (Contacts: 0700764501, 0772669596, 0776702244.)

It should be remembered that recently, thugs kidnapped and murdered a one Joan Namazzi, a student at St. Marks College SS.

The assailants had demanded a ransom of Shs 2m before her release.

Police officials at Nateete Police station where the case was registered say two suspects were arrested only to be released a few days later after it was discovered they had no connection with the kidnap/disappearance of Calvin.


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