INSIDE STORY: How Mbabazi, Kayihura Fell Out


visit this site cost geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi said in an interview published by Sunday Monitor that Kayihura is using thugs to frame Amama Mbabazi, website Internal Affairs Minister, doctor Gen Aronda Nyakairima, and former Military Intelligence boss, Brig James Mugira, Archbishops Stanley Ntagali and Dr Cyprian Lwanga Kizito as backing her husband’s presidential bid.

She further said Kayihura has been “arresting, intimidating and in one case of Omodo Omodo [NRM youth leader], his people torturing him. He has been arresting even chairmen of districts such as Mr Ziad Sebuliba of Rubaga and so many people he calls to make statements. It could be that he is doing this on behalf of somebody but for him to be putting a lot of effort in creating a rift between the President and his Prime Minister is very unfortunate for this country.”

Ms Mbabazi pointed out that Kayihura “is doing all this not with the regular police officers as such but with some “lumpens” whom he recruited and he is more or less running the police with these lumpens, one of them is called Sebina of Luweero, there is another one called Kitata of Rubaga and Masanga of Mbale.”

Kayihura recently said he had deepened investigations into allegations of bribery among party officials who were soliciting signatures to call a national delegates conference to challenge the idea of fronting President Museveni as the political organisation’s sole candidate in the 29016 elections.

Several supporters of Mbabazi were arrested and jailed for abuse of office.

Kayihura said the arrest of the Prime Minister’s supporters was part of a wider investigation into reports that “individuals associated with the NRM party are going around the country securing or attempting to secure signatures, using methods that amount to criminality such as using bribery or on the basis of falsehoods.”

He said police received reports of a group of people moving around collecting signatures from people in Kampala, falsely claiming that the intention was to take them to the President so that the longstanding promises the President are, at last, fulfilled.

“Others were paid money (actually bribed) ranging from Shs 50,000 to 500,000 depending on their respective status in the NRM,” said the IGP.


This is not the first time Ms Mbabazi is attacking Kayihura.

Shortly after it emerged that Ms Mbabazi was recorded undermining President Museveni in a conversation with an NRM youth member identified as Kawonawo, she attacked Police for being partisan.

“Mr Kawonawo explained that the youth had passed a resolution that stated that they thought Hon Mbabazi should lead the country come 2016. I warned him that Afande Teargas (General Kale Kayihura) would attack them with teargas if they organised the next conference in Kampala,” said Ms Mbabazi in a recent press statement.

“True to form, the police through Felix Kaweesi have made a partisan statement this week so my concern about a teargas attack on the youth therefore could not be far from the truth.”

As if this is not enough, Ms Mbabazi’s sister, Alice Ruhindi, recently lashed at Kayihura for arresting Mbabazi’s supporters.

“Please remind me what crime the NRM youth is charged with? When will the madness of Kayihura and company end? Never heard of such a bunch of losers!” she charged.

“Their (Museveni and Kayihura) own actions will come back to bite their own tails. God does not fall asleep. Lord will no doubt pay them back in equal measure plus bonus and commission.”


The latest reports point to a growing rift between Mbabazi and Kayihura.

By accusing Kayihura as being the mastermind of their troubles, the Mbabazis intend to show their fallout with Museveni was a result of badmouthing or fake intelligence reports.

However, observers say the main reason why Mbabazi and Museveni are at loggerheads is because of the former’s presidential ambitions.

At a recent meeting with the Mbabazis at State House, Museveni asked the Prime Minister why “you always speak like you want to be President when you are asked whether you want to stand for President in 2016.”

Mbabazi said if he wanted to stand for the highest political office in the land, he would be unstoppable, a statement that reportedly shocked the President.

Sources say Kayihura fell out with the Mbabazis due to his close friendship to the first family especially First Lady Janet Museveni, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Museveni. It is said Kayihura is a beneficiary of preferential treatment extended to him by Musevenis.

Kayihura has a direct phone contact to the President and the pair meets almost on a daily basis. Kayihura has a huge classified budget for Museveni’s covert intelligence operations.

Apart from militarising the Police and stationing only loyal cadres in top Police positions, Kayihura runs a well-facilitated special counter terrorism squad complete special military skills. He recently passed out a team of Police officers who will be guarding the President and his family.

Ever since he came to the helm of police, the law enforcement body’s budget has been steadily increasing. This has not gone down well with heads of security bodies whose operations run on a tight budget.

Sejusa, whose office was entitled to over shs50m per week as an operational fund, saw the budget cut to less than shs10m at the peak of investigations into his subversive activities. It was Kayihura leading the investigations.

Matters were worsened by Sejusa’s letter in which he said Kayihura intended to frame him, Mbabazi, Aronda and other senior government officials for opposing the idea of grooming Muhoozi for President.

Sejusa alleged that those opposed to the so-call Muhoozi project were being targeted for assassination.

Government dismissed the allegation, saying whoever intends to be President, must be duly elected by the people.

Interestingly, Kayihura’s reports to President Museveni that Sejusa intended to execute a coup were confirmed by the ex spymaster’s recent remarks that he has on several occasions tried to oust Museveni.

Museveni later discovered concrete information that Sejusa had finalized plans to overthrow President Museveni by penetrating the elite Special Forces Command with spies, only to be busted by Kayihura.

Speaking at a conference in London last December, Sejusa said he has “tried to remove this system many times.”

Mbabazi caginess

If Kayihura told Museveni that Mbabazi wants to stand for President, the IGP’s statement has since been vindicated by the Premier’s conduct.

Speaking to NRM leaders at his home last weekend, Mbabazi implied he had the willingness to contest for Presidency.

“Like any other Ugandan, there is no law that bars me from standing for President, but I will not stand against Museveni and it is as clear as that,” said Mbabazi.

He also told listeners of Voice of Kigezi he told the NRM that if he wants the country’s top seat, there is no law that can stop him.

“I support President Museveni because he has been a good leader and if I wish to stand, I will seek for support and I belong to NRM also as a disciplined member. People should not worry about the party; anyone who wants to be party flag-bearer has rights to do so.”

Museveni’s strategists say Mbabazi is tactfully denying plans to seek presidency in the near future when actually he means the opposite.

By appearing humble and not ambitious, Mbabazi has for long covertly left the door open for him to make a surprise move to stand for President.

In fact by presenting himself as a victim of intrigue and machinations of Kayihura, Mbabazi is quietly winning the sympathy vote and also building his image as a potential president.

With Kayihura being accused by the opposition of high-handedness and intrigue, Ms Mbabazi’s claims are slowly winning legitimacy in the court of public opinion.

However, observers continue to ask at what time Ms Mbabazi realised that NRM was being rocked by cliques.

Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya recently said Mbabazi was the king of cliques in NRM and that he was falling on his own sword.

Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi at one time told press that Mbabazi had worked hard to link him to a bank robbery at Garden City.

Way Forward

As Museveni prepares to rollout his cabinet list, it remains to be seen if he will save Mbabazi. But Museveni is trending on a dangerous path, as any moves to isolate Mbabazi could compel the powerful Prime Minister to directly challenge his boss in the 2016 polls.

Responding to Ms Mbabazi, Kayihura said “Panicking at this point and rushing to the media with personal and misguided attacks against the IGP won’t do. I will not go down the unprofessional route of undermining the investigation and court process, by engaging in a public discussion of the merits of a case already before court.”

“Any person seeking to sabotage the on-going legal process by deflecting attention from themselves, or to undermine the integrity of the investigation by resorting to theatrics and playing victim, is wasting time.”


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