Fans Want SC Villa Chairperson Muwema Out


see geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to sources, registration of club members started one month back and almost 1000 fans have so far registered and each of them is eligible to take part in the elections.

Currently, Muwema is the legally known chairperson of the club, but since the saga of USL vs FUFA, fans decided to elect a temporary chairperson (Salongo Ssemanda).

Although officials in SC Villa denied organising the elections, close sources indicated that the elections are on and will take place at club Obligato.

“They may not give you the information you need but I am among the fans registered to take part in elections,” explained one of the fans.

Villa has been running on shoulders of individuals and they hope with the election, the club will have a protocol to sustain itself financially.

Inside source close to Muwema say he may join Kira Young as an official so that he can stay connected to Uganda’s top flight football since there is a memorandum of understanding between USL with FUFA.

Kira Young director, Jimmy Lukwago, told ChimpSport that he is not in position to give a comment on Muwema’s move but will do so when it is the right time.


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