Why Greater Equatoria Rallied Behind Machar


decease geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Particularly, page the youth of all sectors, seek being in civil services, military, and non-governmental Organisations, in both the country and abroad to join up with your fathers and other fellow citizens in fights against Salva Kiir’s government.

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Salva is a failed president trying to copy what other African dictators did and are still doing.

The politics of using violence and mercenaries to impose his will and kill our people and destroy their property with no alternative planning of what future generation ought to benefit needs to stop.

The resources supposed develop our people, roads, hospitals, schools and others dividends are wasted on paying million of the South Sudanese oil money to the hungry eastern African governments and presidents to fight rebels alongside Salva Kiir.

The following is a real analysis by the groups of concerned Equatoria citizens……..

He undermined the development of various potential institutions such as independence of judiciary, a free and functional Parliament.

He violated the transitional constitution by misinterpreting articles to suit his political ego and greed for power.

Enough is enough to beg for him to follow democratic principles which he (Salva) considers irrelevances to his government.

Accustomed parasitic expectations by the Greater Equatoria would never make them how they are thinking of themselves in terms of national resources distribution.

He (Salva) must go and, we the people of South Sudan decide how to lead our country.

President Kiir has been arbitrary over 4000 times when he issued decrees. The number of his decrees is now more than the number of articles of the South Sudan constitution and Acts of Parliament combined.

In a matter of nine years, Kiir has led already seven governments through endless and frequent reshuffles.

This political intrigue is despotic and fascist.

He conspired against the SPLM party by developing a leadership cult and coercing others to adore him.

When he failed to achieve this he opted to dissolve the historical party which was conceived and formed in the bushes of South Sudan.

SPLM/A fought tooth and nail to defend justice, equality and removal of all socio political and economic disparities in society.

It was imperative that the president should have worked towards constructing an inclusive, good, viable and a strong state in the heartland of Africa.

The president forgot the fundamental reality of our liberation and independence but replaced it with cheap politics of divide and rule, favouritisms, tribalism, regionalism, and ethnic hatred.

In doing so, he effectively plunged the country into the ongoing genocide.

Kiir effectively forfeited his presidency when he started his ill-fated “big project” of training a private army of Dinka Bar el Ghazel particularly from Warrap and Northern Bar el Ghazel States in Lure Boma of Juba County.

In the evening of December 15, 2013, he planned to assassinate his colleagues from the SPLM and SPLA and started by systematically disarming his body guards who were of Nuer ethnicity.

This provoked natural resistance and war in his barracks.

He unleashed his militias on unarmed civilians leading to widespread rape, torture, murder and killing of over 20,000 Nuers mostly women and children in cold blood.

He has now lost control of one out of three regions of South Sudan.

We hold him responsible for all the atrocities and genocide committed in our country.

This revolution is by every South Sudanese citizens subjected to humiliation by Salva’s exercise of excessive and unlimited powers acquired from the lopsided pigeon-hole constitution.

We altogether have to denounce the leadership of President Kiir that promoted tribalism, ethnicity, regionalism, and corruption.

The revolution has just started and still too early.

All are welcome to participate in one way or another.

The Revolutionary Movement is ready to face resistant by Salva Kiir and, the youth desk has extended invitation to well-wishes from others communities to join the movement by registering with the body.

Mak Banguot Gok

Public Communication Officer

SPLM/A/IO/Youth Desk

Upper Nile State


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