L.Albert Boat Disaster: 20 Buried As Parliament Mourns


sick sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Elias Kateba. the deputy RDC Bundibugyo, viagra the bodies were buried in a mass grave late in the night at 11pm on Wednesday.

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“The bodies were buried in a mass grave on a government land near Bundibugyo government hospital. This was after authorities at Bubukwanga prisons in Ntoroko refused to bury them there.”

On Wednesday morning, the police, Red Cross and officials from the OPM were stuck with the 20 bodies at the Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo DRC border at Busunga.

They had planned to hand over the bodies to the Congolese Authorities for burial but they were denied entry.

The Congolese officials reportedly said they were tired of burying the bodies and lacked enough burial space.

Samuel Bamukoka, the chief of Batalinga at Busunga, border said according to their culture, Congolese do not burry bodies that have spent over 75 hours.

He added that they had buried more than 50 bodies since Saturday incident and don’t want to bury anymore bodies.

He said the dead comprised of the Ugandans.

The Police and OPM have thus banned the transportation of Congolese Refuges from Kyangwali on water with immediate effect.

Basikania Hamipaji, of the Office of the Prime Minister, said that the law enforcement officers have been put on high alert to ensure that no refugee is transported on water.

“It was unfortunate that people were over loaded on a boat with mattresses and other luggage yet there are avenues that this could have been avoided. The government has established beach management units at every landing site to manage all activities regarding such sites.”

Meanwhile, Parliament has expressed its grief for those who drowned in the accident.

During the plenary session presided over by the Rt Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, legislators expressed their grief over the poor state of refugees in the Ugandan camps.

Legislators blamed government for failing to come up with laws that govern refugees in the country.

Law makers who included Stephen Mukitale, the MP for Bulisa and Ntabazi

Harriet, woman MP for Bundibugyo district, among others, asked minister Hillary Onek, (disaster preparedness and refugees) to clarify on the media reports that the refugees were escaping from the country because of because of
governments failure to provide them with basic needs like foods and medical care.

In his reply, the Minister said that government is only mandated to give refugees security but not basic needs.

He also raised a concern over the alarming number of refugees in the country which he says has become a bigger burden to the country.

The Speaker tasked the Presidential Affairs Committee to thoroughly investigate into the matter.


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