Proline Faces “Planned” Relegation


ambulance geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to sources, pills Kasule’s actions aimed at sabotaging FUFA/USL negotiations will affect the club since officials think Proline’s relegation is the best way to tame its boss.

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Kasule is the vice president in charge of top flight league and was elected by cubs.

However, he didn’t agree with the Federation’s decision to enter an alliance with USL.

He is said to have been going from club to club convincing them to refuse the Memorandum of Understanding which FUFA already signed with USL.

How Proline relegation can be done?

“This morning, I received a call asking me to handle Proline’s game. He told me that if Proline doesn’t get any point from that game, I will be paid very well,” explained one of the referees.

If Proline is relegated, Kasule will lose his position too.


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