Mandy: Only Museveni Can Tell Me to Resign


prostate sans-serif;”>The report compiled by ask sans-serif;”>IGG, Justice Irene Mulyagonja, details Mandy’s performance for the period he has worked at Uneb and will be the basis of whether he gets another term or not.

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Mandy, who declined revealing the contents of the report, fired back at the IGG clarifying, that he will not resign his position as she suggested.

“I’m waiting for a formal communication from the President who recruited me,” he explained.

“I will not talk about the report for now. I’m equally an important person in this country and that is why some of you call me for interviews. I am not a hopeless person, that is why I keep saying that the country will lose me even when I die. I am a consultant and an expert.”

“Even at my age of 65, I have not lost hope because people call me an education consultant, and that is why some journalists photographed my car and put it in newspapers. Whose vehicle has ever been photographed here apart from mine?”

He further asked all those who don’t like him to report him to his bosses who recruited him other than dramatising some issues that set the country backward.

On a relatively similar note, Mandy denied claims that he has a company which gives loans and helps people acquire their pension.

He says that his company (Fagil Mandy Educational consultancy) trains teachers and students.

The ongoing wrangles at Uneb have engineered tensions and disagreements between the Executive Secretary, Matthew Bukenya and the Chairman Mandy.

Meanwhile, the minister of Education, Hon. Jessica Alupo, denied having received the copy of the report and having had any knowledge of what the IGG was doing.


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