Tanzanians Turn Heat On Kikwete to Form 3 Gov’ts


recipe geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>President Jakaya Kikwete punched holes in the country’s draft constitution and took his ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi Party position in support of the current two-government system unlike the suggestion by his counterparts for the formation of three governments.

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Days before, while addressing the Constituent Assembly in Dodoma, the Constitution Review Commission chairman, Judge (rtd) Joseph Warioba, had presented the three-government system as a product of the views of a majority of Tanzanians, the President called for patience in dealing with the matter that has emerged as the main bone of contention in the talks.

A three-government system would have the Government of Tanzania, the Government of Tanganyika and the Union Government, while the current Union government is such that there is Tanzania mainland and the semi autonomous Zanzibar Islands both of which form the Union government.

“I want you to be patient as you discuss this thorny issue. Irritations will not help us on this,” said President Kikwete.

But he was quick to discredit Mr Warioba’s assertion that the proposal represented the voice of the majority.

The President said that while the CRC interviewed over 700,000 people, only 10.4 per cent of them spoke about the union.

“This means that the type of the Union to be adopted was not an important issue in the eyes of 89.6 per cent of Tanzanians who were interviewed by the CRC.”

Mr Warioba had told the Assembly that 13 per cent of those who gave their opinions over the Union in Tanzania Mainland proposed one government, 24 per cent wanted a two-government structure while 61 per cent wanted a three-government structure.

In Zanzibar, 34 percent recommended a two-government arrangement, 60 percent wanted a Union of contract, and 0.1 per cent (25 people) preferred one government.

Some 142 institutions, 71 of them government institutions, were also involved in the study and they proposed a three-government system.

However, President Kikwete said a three-government system would be difficult to implement because the Union Government would largely depend on the goodwill of Zanzibar and Tanganyika.

(The East African)


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